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MsMiyavi is now OPEN for commission

please read everything before you make a request/ question

Please send all commission requests to my E-MAIL (
title the subject as "commission request" so i don’t skip over it
DO NOT send commission requests to me on DA or youtube
if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my email (mark subject as "commission question") i check my e-mail more often
i want to keep commission requests and contact to my email to avoid confusion and to keep things organized.

i will do digital portraits and character design

prices for digital portraits:

headshot b/w - $45 USD
shoulder b/w - $50 USD
midbody b/w - $60 USD
fullbody b/w - $80 USD

headshot color - $50 USD
shoulder color - $55 USD
midbody color - $65 USD
fullbody color - $85 USD

digital speed paints
(speed paints range from 3-5 hours)

headshot b/w - $40 USD
shoulder b/w - $45 USD

headshot color - $45 USD
shoulder color - $50 USD

prices for character paintings:

headshot b/w - $60 USD
shoulder b/w - $75 USD
midbody b/w - $105 USD
fullbody b/w - $140 USD

headshot color - $70 USD
shoulder color - $90 USD
midbody color - $115 USD
fullbody color - $150 USD

full original character concepts - $190+ USD
(this includes style sketches, full character turn around, color concept)

i will paint your original character or fanart based on your description. keep in mind that you are aware of my style. and please provide me with as many references and details as you can so i can create your character.

paintings with backgrounds are an additionl $5-$20 USD depending on how detailed it is
however, there will be NO additional charge for portraits with solid color/no background
additional objects (i.e instruments, furniture, more than one piece of jewlery,weapons ect.) will be additional $5-$50 USD depending on how detailed/large/complicated it is. (unless it's the full character set package)
the prices above are for one person/character in a painting. if you want me to draw 2 people/characters in one painting, then it would be double the price (the cost of 2 paintings, we can talk about it)
if you want a group picture of three or more it will be an additional $20 USD for each additional person

i work hard and spend hours on a painting. if you don't like my pricing, it's possible we can talk it over, im very flexible.

i will do portraits of:

your family and friends
celebrities; fanart
basically anybody with a face
i will also paint fanart of fictional characters as well as your own original characters
i also design original characters from cartoony to realistic
by commissioning me i assume you are aware of my style - if you have a specific style request in mind please include it
i also have the right to deny your request if its something i do not want to do ^^

and please be specific in your request. also, please provide a clear reference image. send me any size image. the bigger the better.
size/resolution for painting: i will decide on my own, unless you have any specification please let me know
you may send color image for B/W portrait, however, do not send me b/w photo for a color portrait

payment method:

i will only accept paypal for the time being.
make payment to

here's how it works:

email me with what you want and i may accept or decline. if i accept we talk it over and decide on a price.
i will not start your commission until i have accepted the money.
when i have received the money, i will contact you and start the commission
when i am finished i will contact you. i will send you the full resolution watermarked jpeg image along with a non-watermarked image. and anything else if requested.

how long the piece will take will depend on my schedule and your image.
i do it on a first come first serve basis. meaning if i recieve the money from you first, then i will work on yours first.

programs i use Photoshop CS4 and a wacom graphire3 pen and tablet, my operating system is MAC OSX.

by requesting a commission from me you acknowledge these conditions:

you may not redistribute my art in any way shape or form with out my permission (sell/make profit/commercial) unless you are a big client and i sold my soul to you
i still have the right to my art
i have the right to post the piece on my websites and portfolios/reels
you have the right to use my art for personal use (draw mustaches) and if you post it anywhere online, i ask that you post only the watermarked version and give me credit (thats all i ask)

please send any further questions and inquires to my email

thank you =3
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