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Harvest Moon Cute Butt

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Harvest Moon Animal Parade:
Molly and Luke (American names)

i've been wanting to do fanart for this game for a while now. :aww:

my fave bachelors are the wizard, luke, and gil. I chose Luke because he's the most likely person to do something like this.

p.s. Luke has the cutest kids!! Blue hair?! AMAZING~! :love:

p.s.s. i married the wizard... xD

Harvest Moon & characters (c) Natsume
art by me.
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Jul 21, 2010, 8:21:46 PM
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I had such a hard time choosing between Luke and Gale in this game. In island of happiness, it was Vaughn hands down. This one I picked Luke. The worst is Tale of Two towns. I really like the horse guy cuz I love horses, and long hair, but the flower guy is so broody and interesting.
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I haven't played those other two harvest moon games,
but i struggled the same in animal parade.
Luke and Gale are the cutest imo :heart:
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Why is it I can picture Luke really doing something like this? Lmao
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Lol, cause if any character would do this it'd be him. :D
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Then again that's why we love him. XD
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I had no idea you could get away with that.. I must be doing it wrong. XD
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lol i wish this happened in the game! :D
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If you didn't get clobbered for doing it... I'd wish it too. XD
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This will forever be my favorite Harvest Moon thing ever
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I'm completely honored. :'-D :hug:
thanks for such the great compliment!
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does that mean spank in japanese? :D
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This gave me the ideia of R34ing Harvest Moon :D
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whating harvest moon? haha, sorry ^^;
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It's such a Luke thing to do. xD
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i wish there was a teen version of harvest moon. :D
haha, then he totally would.
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I love the colors :3 Also what I noticed is many girls (including myself) has had a hard time choosing between the wizard and Luke. I mean I picked Luke but still...
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Me too! I didn't know I wasn't the only one having a hard time picking between the two.
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