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Animated Road Rage

By MSipher
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Nice gal, except when she gets on her wheels.

Road Rage here is the first of several "model sheets" for new background characters appearing in "Moving Violations", the 2-page prelude to BotCon 2011's Transformers Animated comic and toy set.

Obviously, like her Generation 1 namesake, she's based on the Tracks bodyform, the Animated version of which was designed by the inconceivable Irineo Maramba. I took the basic body structure, femmed it up a bit, changed a few paint details, and viola! (She uses the same body colors as Tracks... I think only her face and glass are new to the palette.)
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GREAT work! The more ass-kicking TFA art like this I see, the more I lament the cancellation of that show :-(
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Where do you people make theses PLEASE
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Uh... I drew them by hand.
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I could never draw anything like that, you must be very talented
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damnit too bad i don''t have enough money to join botcon, id love those figures
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nice work, MSipher. I love it!!
Why looks like a female optimist prime to me.
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Nice...really nice. It's about time that she had more artwork done about her, besides her G1 toy box art. Is she related to Tracks by any chance?
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She definitely doesn't look very friendly.
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Yesss! I knew i recognized her in the background. Are we going to see anything of the other background extras? I had my theories on their identities, and it would be lovely to see more.
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You definitely have a fantastic knack for the animated style.
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She looks good, but she doesn't look very... "rage"!
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More coming? I hope so!
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I like it. XD I did my own take, but then, you guys are the ones that's canon, yo.
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