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Animated Ransack

Another Moving Violations character model!

If there's any bot from the Animated universe who I think would ever utter the phrase "It's the fuzz! CHEESE IT!"... well, okay, it'd be Rattletrap. But Ransack here'd be a strong contender.

The duo of Ransack and Crumplezone were easily one of my favorite elements of the entire Unicron Trilogy, so I'm gald for the opportunity to have brought them back for another round of pain and humiliation.

The inexplicable Derrick J. Wyatt did the original sketch, with inks and color layouts by myself. (Yeah, it's the same body as Rattletrap, but filled out with more parts. We were thinking that at some point, Rattletrap hocked his own armor parts for credits.)
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love is :B face XD
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So CUTE! Tempted to redraw over this in MSPaint to create Stampy (and Quickslinger)'d get full credit! Or would you violently disagree?
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I think it may actually be due to the fact that in TFC, they weren't decepticons until megs recruited them.
hes deffinitley singin "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth" XD
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He looks like he should be voiced by Kath Soucie. Just sayin'.
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He's adorable!
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