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Can that be me? I wanna be him! Can I!? HUh Huh!?!
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This is something like out of a udon art book
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Thanx man. Great compliment there!
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I love the fact that his skin isn't overdone. It has a matte finish, and it works.
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are you representing orishas?
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I know Orisha. I am not a Yoruba practitioner. I come from a Khemetic prospective. I love all of our systems prior to Arab/christian enslavement. I you mean in the art specifically, no, not in this one. How are U today? Where are you located BTW? Have you ever been to Philly and a show called ECBACC? It's worth looking into.
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I'm in Birmingham, Al. I've never been to Philly but wouldn't mind visiting. Never heard of ECBACC... does it have a website?
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Far out, Bro!
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Man, that is very nice.
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That's how I want my character Onyx's top to look it's almost 3D
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yow yah skill nah rass
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