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Origin: Raya Blackmoon, aka “The Priestess of Light,” was born in A.D. 1693 semi-immortal (long-lived) as a result of her mother's practice of the Wir Ka tradition. She appears to be 25-30 yrs. old. As the daughter of Nana Tituba Arawak, a priestess of Wir Ka captured and enslaved by the Anglo-tribes of Boston, Massachusetts (USA), and Nana Osei Dankwah (who used a pseudonym: “John”), a priest of the Akan and an independent citizen in the USA, Raya is the quintessential heroine. After her parent's self-imposed exile / banishment from the Massachusetts colony (A.D. 1692) while Nana Tituba was pregnant with Raya, the family amassed a fortune in gold / silver from international trade in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, she resides at the Philadelphia, PA HQ and serves with Karas Tyr and Razaaq as a mentor to Asad X. Neteru (Apadamax). Raya will serve as his primary mentor when he turns 21 years old (A.D. 2014).

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you've got so many cool designs!