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Shadowyards Heavy Industries Mod (0.4.2)



"Shadowyards Heavy Industries is only slightly atypical of the so-called 'wildcat industrials' that spring up around the periphery of the Domain in that they've made little attempt to function as a legitimate enterprise. Founded by the arguably insane Arkadiy Innokenti, a wild anti-authoritarian, the corporation initially offered what were termed 'sufficiency kits' to developing colonies, as well as subtle encouragement to reject Domain control.

In time, these kits expanded to include primitive system defense craft, unusual in that were almost entirely novel designs, and in short order the main thrust of SHIs business operations were focused on the production of space vessels. A not inconsiderable quantity of money was funneled into the corporation from unknown sources, leading to a crash refit program for the initial offerings as well as a steadily expanding line of ships.

Primarily offering strike craft, frigates, and destroyers, Shadowyards Heavy Industries has so far survived by filling odd niches and being too small to bother with; however, the recent release of the Charybdis class Carrier, a full sized, well-armed cruiser carrier (as well as persistent rumors of a light cruiser being on their drawing boards) may finally have drawn the ire of industrial Giants Tachyon Interstellar and Triple Helix, who have been expanding into SHIs home sector. Along with the recent death of the companies CEO and founder, it will be a wonder if their business can survive another ten years."
-Arboreum II Station News Blurb, Pre-Cycle 17

Shadowyards Heavy Industries is now ready for basic release.


* A fleet of terribly wonky looking ships and fighters for you to fly around with/blow up!
* Possibly balanced weapons systems!
* 15 missions.
* Campaign integration, plus prep-work for the next release of Starsector!

Upcoming Features:

* New ships and fighters.
* More missions.
* More weapons.

Requires LazyLib


v 0.4.0 Changelog
PD Drones replaced with "Thetis" class fighter drone system
Hitpoints increased from 4,500 to 5,000
Base price is 37,500 from 36,500.
She also has had her sprite replaced with a newer and far more refined version.
Base price has increased to 14,000 from 11,000.
Sprite has had color correction applied and should be less muddy looking.
Deployment cost reduced to 5 from 6.
Flux dissipation improved to 200 from 180.
Base price increased to 7,000.
Sprite has also had color correction applied and should also be less muddy looking.
Flux dissipation up to 160 from 140.
Mass decreased to 60 from 100 (not that this seems to do anything, but it did change).
Base price increased to 5,500.
Has recieved substantive improvements in it's armaments package.
New primary weapon - a short ranged energy beam cannon with a short pulse duration, the PBC. (Not sure how damaging this one is)
A single additional Shrike missile has been mounted to give a bit of extra anti ship oomph.
Also has fighter flares now, but these don't seem to actually do anything.
Added a hell of a lot of new ships;
The Innana class bombardment frigate - a wierd sideways scuttling ship with a heavy port arms package. System - HEF
The Shamash class phase frigate - a nimble little phase cloaked attack ship that works best when taking chances. System - Mines.
The Sargasso class Escort Carrier - not very well defended but has a fighter enhancing sub-system. Still needs effects, d'oh! System - SWACS
The Lambent Medium Tanker - an automated fueling ship. Not much else to be said. - Flares
The Elysium class light cruiser - absurdly mobile heavy cavalry with a somewhat unusual weapon: the Pandora Array. - System: Probably absurd burn drive variant
Tartarus class heavy cruiser - a stolid ship who adds some meat to Shadowyards forces. System - "Siege Mode," a defensive system that boosts shields and range, at the cost of mobility. (And whose AI is giving me some trouble)
The Scylla class phase cruiser - maybe just a bit dangerous. System - Hydra class phase drones.
Capitol Ships:
The Mimir class Battlecruiser - the Largest of SHI's combat vessels; armed with a shockingly heavy primary weapon. System - Heavy Skimmer
Strike Craft:
Added the Raksasha class medium bomber - armed with a mirv torpedo, fairly survivable.
Scatter CEPC:
Recipient of a serious overhaul. It should now actually be rather like a shotgun as opposed to... not.
Has recieved large changes in statline as a result of this alteration.
The "Chaingang" CEPC, a medium pd weapon, is now availabe.
The so-called "Wavebeam" has been added as a large nergy weapon.
A multiple warhead torpedo system, the "Tusk," is available in single and double racked form.
Some additional small weapons have been added for SHI fighters and drones; these are the pbc, miniflak, and the Hydra Drones little peashooter.
Many new missions have been added:
Drums in the Deep - Show some Lud Cultists the door
They Might Be Giants - A great band. Also a mission in which a pair of Elysiums fight a rearguard action against a superior Hegemony force.
Misdirected - Your Onslaught has gotten lost, now you need to fight off SHI.
Between Scylla and Charybdis - Should probably be harder.
Bolivian Army Ending - This is only here because I kinda like the mission text. Probably not winnable.
Randum Battul - Fite! (Both for and against SHI versions available)
Added Shadowyards ships to the title screen and as simulation opponents.
Scripting updated to improve mod compatibility.

v 0.4.0a Changelog
Fixed a crash issue with generators.csv (I should've checked to see if that actually would comment stuff out.)

Updated Shadowyards to be compatible with Starsector 0.6a

Adjusted all craft to have appropriate (if hypothetical) CR deployment costs.
Added CR draining to frigates... and the Elysium.
Adjusted frigate speeds to be in line with vanila frigates.

Added Anar system.

0.4.1a and 0.4.1b Changelog:
Fixed an identification error with the Shadowyards SDF fleet.
Shadowyards fleets now sometimes launch raids on Corvus.
Shadowyards Supply fleet now correctly delivers supplies.
Removed the Hegemony and Pirate Supply Convoys delivering goods to the temporary/temporarily occupied stations.
Cargo capacity increased to 40 from 20.
Fuel capacity decreased to 70 from 90.
Flux dissipation increased to 300 f/s from 200 f/s.
Flux dissipation increased to 1000 f/s from 700 f/s.
Added a hull mod, Enhanced Ejection Systems, to SHI fighters; this system reduces pilot casualties by ~66%.

0.4.2 Changelog:

Solidarity class armed transport added; one is available at Impresario Shipyards from the start.
Equipped with a booster engine system that allows her to run if the heat gets too severe.
Elysium drive system made simpler to use for the ai, added visual effects for system use.
Unique graphics for Euripides and the Anar systems background now added.
Went over ship descriptions and brought the older ones more up to date.
Added descriptions for the Thetis and Hydra drones systems.
Totally forgot to add the interceptor missile system the Hydra supposedly carries, doh.
Updated the Niddhoggrs on hit effect to be more noticeable and made sure it was passing through missiles correctly; was unable to figure out how to make it blow up missiles though.
Brought Shadowyards missions generally in line with standard 0.6a missions.
Postponed fully going over "They Might Be Giants."
The Hegemony have been evicted from Anar, and now launch raids from Corvus.



The LazyLib mod can be downloaded here.
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where is the Download link? thought the mod was out?