Commissions Open (Again)!

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So after a very long and very stressful semester I actually have some (sort of) free time to write so I'm reopening commissions.

I'm also dropping my price back down to $16/1000 words, which is literally minimum wage + taxes where I live.

Due to some Paypal policy changes I will probably be searching for a new payment system, but until June 1st I will still be using Paypal. Feel free to discuss this with me in private if you have concerns.

Anyway, everything else is basically the same. (Basically) Anything goes as far as what I'll write, and hopefully I'll have a few more samples up within the coming week or so.
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I don't have anything I'd want at the moment, but I'll pass on your call for commissions.

...Are your paypal policy issues related to that “All Your Stuff Belongs To Us” post going around tumblr? because that interpretation of the legalese was disputed.
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I'd appreciate it! 

I did see it on there first, but I did end up reading the actual document myself and it does look pretty much like that's what it's saying. Of course if there's another interpretation I'd love to see it, because there were definitely a few things in there that felt a bit odd.
Sudrien's avatar… is the first thing I come across (hope the blog itself doesn't offend).

tl;dr: it applies to paypal used for content distribution, NOT for paypal as payment provider.

If you use Steam for purchasing games, think of it that way - GameSoft can stop offering a game to new people, but they san't force Steam to stop offering downloads to people that have already purchased the game, including due to a copyright claim (since layers have tried that before).

You send via email and post on dA. Entirely different distribution services.