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I'm open for NSFW, fetish-related, adult themes, SFW, fluff, etc. writing commissions. I've worked and written on kink memes for about four years now, and have a fast turnaround rate for my work.

Things I will do: Most NSFW, most fetishes, furry/anthro, yaoi, yuri, het, fanfiction, original characters, pretty much everything that's not on the other list.

Things I won't do: Anything illegal, anything involving minors (that aren't aged up), scat/golden showers, etc.

COMMISSION: Best Prom EverWord Count: 6038
"Alright, class, listen up. I said listen up!" The Saiyan prince slammed his hands on the desk as the class continued to talk, nearly shattering it. No one seemed to care, really; Professor Vegeta's rage was well known and not at all terrifying after the first day of classes. Besides, everyone knew about his weekly lone motivational sessions from the upperclassmen. He was the only teacher who simply shouted at himself to become stronger in a locked classroom, after all.
"I said LISTEN UP!" He slammed the desk again, this time actually breaking it in half. The class slowly quieted after this, though it was still no rush. He seemed to have a new desk every time they walked into the classroom. Vegeta coughed before crossing his arms and 'accidentally' flexing his muscles.
"Now, you kids know that there's the prom coming up. I fully expect all of you to be coming, understand? Your prom is a once in a lifetime thing! I'll say, I never got a chance to go to my prom..."
AA: Staying AwakeIt had been six hours and twenty four minutes since Apollo and Athena had started looking at the case file. The final day in the trial in defense of Diana Diamant was creeping closer and closer, and yet neither of the attorneys could figure out who the culprit was.
Apollo was nearly falling asleep on the Agency couch.
"You know what I learned stimulates the mind when you're tired, Apollo?"
Apollo gazed warily at his partner. "It's either exercise or some weird European thing, isn't it?" She grinned before pulling off her glove and Widget.
"It's not some weird European thing! It's just sex."
Apollo nearly spat out the coffee he was desperately trying to drink. "You... what?"
Athena placed her belongings behind her before toying with her earring. "I mean, I know that you've been wanting to have sex for a couple of days now and I figure now's better than never, right? I would have been a bit more subtle about it but all the hints I've been dropping this week haven't been hitting. No offen
COMMISSION: Dearest EmiliaWarning: This story contains extreme male to female transformation, breast expansion, butt expansion, and detailed sexual content. If you are under the legal age in your area or you disagree with any of the content listed, you should back out now.
Word Count: 6008 words

"Hey there, Em. Long time no see, huh? Remember when I told you how sexy you looked in that tiny black dress? Babe, everyone was looking at your tits. Oh, no need to be embarrassed. We were all impressed. Anyway, call me back. You know my number, babe."
Ruby groaned, deleting the message from the answering machine. Of course the first message he had received in two weeks wasn't from his girlfriend but from some gross older man that he didn't know. Nor did he really want to know him, honestly. Who left strangely sexual messages on an answering machine, anyway? He probably stalked whoever poor 'Em' was.
Summer vacation was over and that meant having to go back to school to face the music. There was probably

Mature Content

COMMISSION: The Long Road by msfemboss

As I said, a lot of my stuff is older kink meme fills. If you want more samples I can try to track them down, though quite a few of the places have been shut down due to lack of activity.

My rates vary based on complexity, though I have a base rate of $20 per thousand words, which equates to 2 cents/word.

Note that if your commission is under 1000 words, it is 1 cent/word or $1/100 words.

I tend not to charge by page simply due to the fact that it's not fair to the commissioner, especially if there's a lot of dialogue.

Please note me if you have any questions or wish to commission me.


Thank you for your time.


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