COMMISSION: Best Prom Ever

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"Alright, class, listen up. I said listen up!" The Saiyan prince slammed his hands on the desk as the class continued to talk, nearly shattering it. No one seemed to care, really; Professor Vegeta's rage was well known and not at all terrifying after the first day of classes. Besides, everyone knew about his weekly lone motivational sessions from the upperclassmen. He was the only teacher who simply shouted at himself to become stronger in a locked classroom, after all.

"I said LISTEN UP!" He slammed the desk again, this time actually breaking it in half. The class slowly quieted after this, though it was still no rush. He seemed to have a new desk every time they walked into the classroom. Vegeta coughed before crossing his arms and 'accidentally' flexing his muscles.

"Now, you kids know that there's the prom coming up. I fully expect all of you to be coming, understand? Your prom is a once in a lifetime thing! I'll say, I never got a chance to go to my prom..."

"Here we go again," Kagura muttered. She sighed, crossing her arms on her desk and resting her head upon them. She closed her eyes and blew a strand of brown hair out of her face. Her friend Heart only giggled, lightly patting the girl on the shoulder.

"Cheer up, Kagura! The bell's going to ring in like five minutes, so Professor Vegeta can't talk for that long, right?" Kagura let out another sigh, this one longer than the last, and opened a single eye to look at the pink haired girl. Heart was smiling, blissfully unaware of the fact that the professor could apparently speak for hours on end about what he had missed out on as a child. That was, of course, regardless of whether the bell went off or not.

As Vegeta turned away from the class to dramatically face the white board, L. Fist turned around in his desk. His friends were busy rummaging around in their backpacks as they prepared to leave. "Hey, guys, pssst!" When neither of them responded, he roughly knocked on Ash's head.

"Ouch! Hey, watch it!" The trainer dropped the Pokeball he was holding and readjusted his hat, only taking his hand off of it once it was perfectly positioned on his head. Satisfied, he looked up at the brown haired boy.

"What's up, L. Fist?"

"How much of a chance do you think I have to get Kagura to come with me to prom?" Even Sig looked up at that one. The blue haired boy simply stared blankly at his friend. L. Fist scowled. "What's that supposed to mean, Sig?"

"Nothing. It's just that Kagura seems rather uninterested in such affairs, doesn't she?" With his piece said, he returned his attention to the book that was sitting on his desk. L. Fist knew immediately that it was some sort of encyclopedia of bugs.

Yeah, Sig could be pretty weird sometimes.

Ash hesitated before leaning forward. "I think Sig's right, L. Fist. Kagura really doesn't seem like the type to want to go to any sort of dance, does she? Not that I blame her. Dances are stupid."

"You're just saying that cause you know you'll never get a date, Ash." The Pokemon trainer flinched at Sig's blunt words before whipping around to face him.

"What's that supposed to mean?! I could totally get a date!" L. Fist snickered into his hand. The muffled sound caused Ash's scowl to deepen. "Oh, shut up! You're the one who wants to bring Kagura of all people to the dance!"

L. Fist immediately backed off, lifting his hands into the air. "Okay, man, sorry. I won't make fun of you. But, seriously, how should I get Kagura to go out with me? I was thinking the dance because girls love that kind of cheesy stuff, right?"

Sig glanced up from his book again. "...Not always."

"Yeah, that's only in Disney movies, L. Fist. Girls are really complicated people, you know," Ash nodded solemnly, eyes closed. "Back when I lived in the Kanto region, I had a friend named Brock who treated all of the girls he met the same. He didn't get a single date the entire time I knew him. Don't be like Brock, L. Fist."

"So... don't be romantic and cheesy?"

Ash nodded. "Exactly! Well, wait... No? I mean some girls like that kind of stuff, I guess. I was going to say you can't go wrong with a cute Pokemon... animal... whatever. Lots of girls love Pikachu once they meet him." The trainer fondly patted his backpack. The Pikachu hidden inside only let out a muffled 'pika' in response to the compliment.

"Give Kagura a butterfly, maybe. Butterflies are beautiful, so maybe she would take it as a compliment." Sig pushed his book towards L. Fist, revealing that it was, in fact, a bug encyclopedia. Ash and L. Fist let out a collective groan before lying their heads on their desks. Sig shrugged before taking his book back.

Ash finally looked back up at his friend. "I could just ask her in math class today if she'd like to go with you. I mean, it's not super romantic but who cares, right?"

L. Fist's head shot straight up. "You'd do that for me?!" Ash shrugged.

"Sure. It's not that big of a deal. I borrow her book all the time anyway."

"Man, if you could do that for me..."

Ash tapped his hat. "No problem... Hey, don't cry. It's not that big of a deal, anyway!"

The bell rang as Vegeta continued to shout about how he became stronger by missing all of his important events growing up. The entire class, realizing that he was probably going to go on for hours, slowly packed up their bags and left the room. In a few short minutes the only people left in the room were Heart, Kagura, and Toph, who had just finished out her bending classes a few minutes before.

"He's going to keep going, you know." Toph plopped into a desk behind her friends before crossing her legs on top of it, revealing her bare feet to the classroom.

Kagura groaned. "I know. It's just that I have math next and if I stay in here long enough, I can just say I missed class because Professor Vegeta had a very important lecture or something. Then I can just go swimming or running or something."

"That's all you do, Kagura! That's really boring. Why swim when you can help me out?" It was strange hearing Heart sound nervous. Usually she was pretty cheerful and friendly. Hearing her voice quiver like that almost broke Kagura's, well, heart.

"What do you need help with?"

The girl shifted uncomfortably in her seat before crossing her legs underneath the desk. "Um, I kind of wanted to maybe ask Sig to prom...." That caught the attention of both of her friends. Toph lowered her legs from the desk and Kagura turned to face her.

"Woah, seriously? I didn't know you had a thing for boys like that, Heart."

"Yeah, I thought you'd go for someone with actual emotions," Toph joked, "I'm pretty sure that Sig's not actually alive or human. He's some weird puzzle solving bug lover sent by the masters of evil to spy on us or steal our souls or something."

Heart bit her lip. "Guys, he's not that bad..."

"Yeah, what Toph said was an understatement! Seriously, Heart, the boy's really weird. You could do so much better." Kagura glanced at her watch.

"You're both jerks! Sig's really nice and cool... And he loves animals, just like me!"

"He loves bugs, not animals," Toph pointed out.

"It's the same thing! Ugh, I just shouldn't have told you guys. I thought you were my friends. I thought that you both would help me. I thought maybe that all three of us could have a great time at prom," Heart said, lip quivering. Both girls immediately moved to comfort the pink haired girl, but she only shrugged them off and turned away.

Ten minutes had passed since the bell had gone off. Kagura sighed, grabbing her backpack. "You know I'm not into that sort of thing, Heart. Look, I have to go for a swim before I'm forced into another class. Toph, could you try and help her out? I never see Sig or any of his friends anywhere during the day."

"So basically abuse my hall monitor privileges? Got it." Toph grinned.

The halls were pretty much empty, which was no surprise considering who was on duty. Toph Bei Fong didn't take excuses from anyone. If you didn't have a hall pass, you were absolutely screwed. Best case scenario you'd get a demerit and maybe detention.

Worst case was being flung out a window by powerful earthbending.

It was in this situation that Ash caught himself in. It wasn't his fault that he had forgotten his textbook in his locker! Usually in math class he just borrowed Kagura's since the girl slept all the time anyway, but she had decided not to show up. Of course she wouldn't show up the day that Ash had to ask her about L. Fist. Of course she didn't.

To make matters worse, Pikachu was acting strangely agitated. Sure, being cooped up in the backpack was never fun, but usually he didn't throw a fit about it like he was today! The Pokemon was trying to stretch his legs and be free of the cloth prison, making horrible scratching noises as he did so.

It was almost as though sound attracted hall monitors or something. Toph appeared from seemingly nowhere and stood right behind the Pokemon trainer. She said nothing, but her presence alone seemed to put pressure on Ash. Even Pikachu, as though he could sense the danger in the air, quieted down.

"...Did I just hear a rat rummaging around your bag?" The bender sniffed, putting her hands on her hips. Ash broke into a nervous sweat immediately before gently nudging his bag. He wasn't sure why Pikachu had been acting out recently, usually the Pokemon was so well behaved!

"You hiding something, Ketchum?" Her eyes were boring holes into his face. Sure, he knew that she couldn't actually see, but it didn't change the fact that her stare was absolutely terrifying! Ash swallowed, still sweating.

"Um... no?" He started to back away slowly, trying not to alert her to -

"Where do you think you're going?" Ash winced. Busted. Toph grinned, flipping her hair casually. "You know that as hall monitor I can't just let you pass without checking your bag. You might be hiding something illegal in there, like one of your rats without their orb or whatever."

"They're called Pokemon, and they're pokeballs," Ash muttered under his breath. Toph grinned.

"Whatever. So, hand over your bag. Actually, nevermind, I've got it. Nothing to worry about if there's nothing in there, right?" She shifted her foot and brought up her arms, causing the floor beneath arms arms to rise. This sent the bag flying through the air, Pikachu squeaking shrilly at the sudden take off. It landed smoothly in Toph's arms before Ash could even react.

"H-hey!" He lunged forward, but it was too late. As soon as Toph opened up the bag Pikachu came tumbling out. The electric rodent let out an annoyed sniff before stumbling around dizzily. Ash, unable to stop himself, tripped over his best friend...

Before falling right on top of Toph. The blind girl yelled as she fell to the ground, immediately earthbending in order to bring herself back to her feet. "Watch it, Ketchum!" With a huff she left him on the ground before picking up Pikachu. The Pokemon only twitched his ears and cocked his head.


Ash scrambled to his feet. "Don't tell anyone about him, okay?! I've tried to get him inside of a pokeball, but he just really hates them -"

"I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"- I know it's against the rules but I mean come on it's not that bad right I mean Sig carries around giant bugs in his backpack -" As the boy took a hurried breath Toph snorted and punched him on the shoulder.

"I said I wasn't going to tell anyone, Ketchum. You're too cute to be sold out."

Ash gawked at the girl. "W-what?"

Toph scowled. "Don't make this one of those moments, Ketchum. I was obviously talking to the rat."

"His name's Pikachu."

"Whatever." She nuzzled the Pokemon's nose before giggling. "Seriously, though, I'm not gonna tell anyone about him. On one condition."

Ash gazed warily at the girl. "What is it?"

"Go to prom with me." Ash blinked, waiting for the bender to cackle and tell him that she was joking. Maybe he'd even be blown away by one of her fancy earth tricks. A full minute of silence passed between the two and Toph seemed to be getting uncomfortable.


"Of course I meant that seriously! B-but... But don't take it as something it's not, you know. I don't actually like you like that! But you're friends with Sig, right? I need you to get him to ask Heart to prom." Toph gently patted Pikachu on the head before dropping him to the floor. The Pokemon immediately rushed back to his trainer, scampering up to his shoulder and nuzzling his cheek.

If Ash hadn't been paying so much attention to his Pokemon, he would have noticed that Toph was slightly - and only slightly! - blushing. It certainly didn't escape the Pikachu's notice. He merely twitched his tail.

Satisfied that the Pokemon was in no way traumatized, Ash immediately forced him back into his backpack. "I can try to help, I guess. I dunno if Sig's going to go for any of that stuff. You know him, always into his bugs." The boy didn't understand how his blue haired friend got into bug catching. At first he thought the the insects he collected were like Pokemon that would grow stronger and stronger, but no. They were only bugs.

Sig was a strange kid. Then again, Heart was a strange girl.

Yeah, Ash could see it working out pretty well. He nodded at Toph, then realized that she couldn't see the motion. "Uh, yeah, I'll try my best. I promised L. Fist that I would help him get a date with Kagura -" Toph twitched her nose.

"Really? I mean I don't think Kagura dislikes him, but she's really not into any of this prom stuff. Maybe if it was being held in a pool or on a running track or something -"

"That's genius! Toph, you're awesome!" Before the bender could even ask what he meant, the boy ran off, dragging his bag behind him.

Toph only shook her head. "I hope he knows that my dress is green. If he doesn't match I'm going to kill that boy." She chuckled quietly before bending a small stone ball out of the floor, tossing it up and down as she continued her usual patrol route through the halls.


"Okay, so, Toph just gave me the best idea."

L. Fist cocked an eyebrow at his friend before leaning back against his chair. "Since when do you actually talk to Toph?"

"That doesn't matter, what I'm trying to say is -"

"I thought she scared you, man."

"Well, yes, but -"

Sig shrugged. "Yeah, she does scare him. He just said it yesterday during Dr. Evil's lecture."

L. Fist nodded. "Oh yeah! I totally remember that -"

"GUYS." Ash slammed his fists against his desk in a way that would almost make a perfect imitation of Vegeta. L. Fist jumped out of his seat and Sig merely blinked before shrugging again and going back to his book of bugs.

"Okay, okay, we're listening. What's this 'amazing idea' Toph gave you?" Ash grinned before turning his cap to the side.

"So you know how Kagura really likes swimming, right?"

L. Fist nodded. "Yeah, she's captain of the swim team. And she has a bunch of medals... isn't that how she's attending this school, anyway? She doesn't have any special powers."

"Probably. Her grades aren't that great, either," Sig noted.

"Would you guys just let me finish?" L. Fist turned back towards Ash before gesturing for him to continue. Sig continued to completely ignore where his friends were standing. "Okay, so you know how Kagura really likes swimming? What if the prom was being held at a pool?"

This caught even Sig's attention. Both of them stared at the Pokemon trainer in silence. "What? It's a great idea!"

"Yeah, sure, if any of us were actually on the prom planning committee or whatever," L. Fist grumbled. At this Ash smirked and crossed his arms. "Wait, do you actually have a solution to that...?"

"Okay, get this," Ash said, leaning forward onto his desk, "Heart is on the planning committee. She's friends with Toph, and Toph could probably convince her to put one of us on it. There's one catch though..."

"What?" L. Fist asked warily. Ash spun his cap forward and tugged it over his eyes.

"Sig has to be the one put on the council," Immediately the blue haired boy shut his book. He closed his eyes and sighed, "What? Come on, Sig, don't be such a downer! We have to do this for L. Fist."

When Sig didn't respond, L. Fist raised his hand. "Uh, does it have to be specifically Sig...?"

Ash nodded. "Yep."

"...Why?" Sig asked. His hands were clutching at his book. He still looked as disinterested as always, but his eyes were opened a bit wider than usual. To L. Fist and Ash it signaled some sort of internal panic inside of the boy.

"Er," Ash fidgeted nervously, "Uh, it's because... because they need someone with a lot of insect expertise! Yeah, and I only know about bug type Pokemon and L. Fist knows about... Uh... Basically what I'm saying is that Sig knows the most about bugs."

"They need help with bugs? For prom?" Sig tilted his head before gripping at his encyclopedia.

L. Fist raised an eyebrow. "They're having bugs at prom - Ouch! Hey, why'd you do that Ash?!" L. Fist rubbed his side as Ash lowered his elbow.

The Pokemon trainer glared at his friend before nodding at Sig. "Uh, yeah. There's gonna be a lot of bugs around at prom. A ton of them."

Sig sighed, then stood up. "I suppose I could help out if they'll take me. I doubt they'll find anyone else as knowledgeable about bugs than me, after all."


"Hey, Kagura. How's the water?" The girl jumped at the sudden voice behind her, immediately falling from her spot on the side of the pool into it. L. Fist, flustered, immediately reached out a hand to help her. She ignored it, merely surfacing and shaking out her head.

She looked absolutely stunning in that swimsuit, L. Fist decided. She would look even better if she wasn't currently scowling at him, though. "What do you want? You can't just sneak up on a girl like that!" Kagura sighed before sinking underneath the water again, only her hair floating at the surface. Soon that too disappeared as she took off down the lane she had fallen into.

L. Fist blinked, unaware that he had just been dismissed. As soon as Kagura surfaced he rushed over to her. "Did you know that they're going to hold the after prom at the pool this year?"

"Really?" She didn't even sound remotely interested in the idea, simply climbing out of the pool and wrapping a towel around herself before he could catch a glimpse of anything. He waited for her to wring out her hair before speaking up again.

"Yeah! It's going to be awesome! Free pool access for everyone who shows up, prizes, games..."

"I already get all of that  by being on swim team." Kagura still wasn't looking at L. Fist.

L. Fist pondered this for a moment before snapping his fingers and grinning. "There's also going to be a huge competition for anyone who shows up with a swim suit. Winner gets fifty bucks and a prize of their choice."

This caused the girl to turn towards him, eyes blazing. "There's going to be a competition?"

"Well, yeah. I figured you'd want to know since you're the captain of the swim team and everything," L. Fist said, looking away from the girl's barely covered breasts. Now was really not the time for that sort of thing, he decided.

"Isn't prom tonight, though?! I don't have time to get a dress or find a date... I can't show up to any sort of dance without a date! My friends would be disappointed and I can't let them one up me!" Kagura bit her thumb, other hand still clutching at the towel.

"Um, I need a date for prom. Maybe we could go together...? I also have a car. We could go rent a dress and tux or whatever. I mean, if you're up for it maybe." Kagura looked up at the boy, considering. Realizing she didn't really have that many options - and L. Fist was kind of cute, she supposed - she nodded.

"Sure. Yeah, that would work. As long as you didn't try to stop me from competing it would be totally fine. Yeah," Kagura nodded again, the decision made in her head. "Let me go get changed and then we can go out shopping. Maybe we can get lunch while we're out, too." She didn't wait for him to respond, merely turning away and heading for the changing room.

For a moment L. Fist contemplated following her before changing his mind. She had barely accepted his invitation to prom; even if it was funny to follow she probably would just get annoyed and uninvite him. With a sigh he plopped down next to the pool and waited.

It only took Kagura about five minutes to get changed. She had her swimsuit in a bag which was slung over her shoulder. "Okay, let's go. You don't mind missing class for the rest of the day, do you?"

Well, the girl was definitely not known for her academic success that was for sure. Not that L. Fist minded. He wasn't that great in his science class anyway and he was sure Professor Robin wouldn't miss him too much. Besides, the choice was between science class and hanging out with Kagura. L. Fist knew what path he would take.

"Nah. Let's get out of here before the bell rings, though." Kagura grinned then held out her hand to the boy. Somehow L. Fist was able to keep a straight face as he slowly took the smaller girl's hand. As soon as he grasped her she took off, dragging him behind her.


"H-hi Sig! I'm really glad you decided to join the prom committee," Heart said, giggling. Sig only blinked slowly before nodding.

"Ash said that Toph said that you needed help with bugs here? You should have asked sooner... I didn't know that prom was tonight. There is not going to be a whole lot of time to set up any cages or anything..." His gaze travelled across the decorated gymnasium. Heart frowned.

"Bugs? We aren't using any bugs - Oh! Um, yeah! Bugs!" Heart made a mental note to have a stern word with Ash later. Where were they even going to get bugs at?! "I was thinking maybe butterflies? Would it be possible to set up those in the gym?"

Sig considered this before opening up his book again. "It will be hard to attract butterflies this late. It's hard to buy fully grown ones, as well. Usually you're required to release them after they've been out of their cocoons for a few days."

"Would you say that butterflies count as animals, Sig?"

This gave the boy pause. He was really cute when his head was leaned to the side and his face was in full concentration mode, Heart decided. "...I suppose so. Why?"

Heart smiled. "I think I have an idea. But I want to make sure that you're with me so that I don't accidentally hurt any of the butterflies, okay?"

"Of course. I wouldn't let any one of them get hurt, you know."

"Then follow me," Heart said. She headed towards the back of the gym and slipped outside into the baseball fields behind the school. Sig was quick to follow, only mildly curious. He had heard stories of how Heart was great with animals to the point that they were attracted to her, but he was never one to listen to rumors.

As soon as the pair reached the edge of the field, Heart put up a hand to stop her companion. The boy immediately came to a halt, watching. Heart looked back at him and then smiled shyly. "You might want to stand back for this. Sometimes they can overreact a bit..."

"Alright. I'll just stay back here." Sig took a seat on the grass behind the girl, staring directly at her waist. Heart blushed when she noticed where his eyes fell, but said nothing. It wasn't like Sig knew what he was doing, anyway. Or maybe he did...? This thought just made her blush harder. She really had to focus.

Taking a deep breath she raised her arms and allowed her powers to fluctuate within herself. Though she didn't truly have the power to summon forth animals, for some reason they were simply attracted to her. A few moments passed and nothing happened. Sig, growing bored, was about to open his book.

Then the first deer crept forward out of the woods. Sig's eyes snapped up. "Heart...?"

The deer backed off. "Sig, shhhh. Give it a second. It's okay, friend. No one's going to hurt you." It looked curiously at the girl before stepping forward hesitantly. Just as it was almost completely out of the woods, the leaves began to rustle violently.

A swarm of butterflies suddenly flew out of the woods, rushing forward into Heart's arms. Sig's eyes widened and he leapt to his feet. He didn't yell or anything, but it was still the closest thing to shock that Heart had ever seen from the boy. "How did you do that?"

Heart lowered her arms, allowing the butterflies to gather around her. "It's just a thing I've always been able to do." She gestured for Sig for open up his own arms. The boy dropped his book to the ground and did as he was told. Heart shook her shoulders a bit and the butterflies released themselves from her, moving over to Sig's waiting arms.

The two sat there in silence, allowing the butterflies to move around them. Finally Heart spoke up. "Um, I think that Ash was lying about the bugs, Sig. We weren't planning on having any bugs at prom," she paused, waiting for him to respond. He said nothing, his attention all on the bugs in front of him. Heart swallowed, "I would really like to go to prom with you, though. If that's okay."

Sig looked up. "Sure."

"What, really?!" Heart asked excitedly, moving closer to him. The butterflies swarmed once again before flying above them.

Sig nodded. "You could have just asked me. I would have said yes, anyway. It would be fun, especially since Ash is going and L. Fist is trying to get a date with Kagura."

Heart blushed. "I didn't know it would be that easy. I'll keep that in mind for next time."

The two sat down together. Heart hesitantly put her hand on top of Sig's. When he didn't move she looked up with him into the sea of butterflies above.
After two hours of searching for a dress, Kagura and L. Fist were sitting outside of a small fast food restaurant. The pair was sharing a large container of fries and chicken nuggets. Kagura sighed, dramatically falling forward onto the table. "This is hopeless! I'll never find the perfect dress."

"That white dress was kind of pretty," L. Fist pointed out. He snatched another handful of fries from the container.

"But everyone's going to have that dress. Besides, I don't like the color white. It's boring," Kagura frowned, still leaning against the table, "I want something show stopping and amazing. I want to show people that I'm in this to win it, you know? But something girly, too. I'm not just an amazing athlete, you know? But that's what everyone says."

"Who says that? You're not just an athlete, Kagura. You're funny, smart, kind, pretty... And you're awesome at swimming too." She blushed at the compliment.

"Thanks, L. Fist. I'm sorry about being so picky with the dress. I just... the more I think about it, the more I want tonight to be super special. I'm not like Heart, I mean. I'm not super into this. But I want to have fun. And win the competition, obviously," Kagura smiled at the thought.

L. Fist pondered this because snapping his fingers. "There's one last store around here with prom dresses. We should try there before we give up."

Kagura stood up and slammed her hands on the table (was everyone trying to be Professor Vegeta today, L. Fist wondered). "Who said anything about giving up?! That's not even in my vocabulary!" She grinned before slamming her hands again.

Five minutes later the two were outside of the last formal store in the area. "Alright, this is our last chance. You already have your tux, so hopefully I'll find the perfect dress here!" She stormed into the store and immediately began rushing through all of the options.

As she was distracted and on her mission, L. Fist checked his phone. He had texted Sig to ask how the plan for getting Heart to set after prom at the pool was going. On his screen was Sig's response, which was a simple 'I forgot to ask'. No punctuation or anything, just like usual. L. Fist groaned. How was he supposed to explain this to Kagura?

"I think I found the perfect dress! L. Fist, what do you think?" She emerged victoriously from the dressing room in a fitted pink dress. When L. Fist said nothing she did a little twirl and giggled. "You're not saying anything. Is that a good thing or a bad one?"

To L. Fist she looked like some sort of goddess. The dress swirled around her knees when she spun and her top was fitted in an extremely... flattering way. "No... No, it's great. I love it a lot, actually."

Kagura giggled. "I really love it too, actually. I think this is it. This is the one." She retreated into the dressing room. L. Fist was suddenly nervous. If he told Kagura that there wasn't going to be a competition, would she even go?

He decided to keep it a secret from her for now.

While he was deciding what to do, Kagura checked out at the counter and rushed back over to her companion, grabbing him around the waist. "We have to go get ready. The dance starts in less than an hour."

L. Fist pushed the guilt of holding the secret into the back of his head before being dragged out by Kagura. Slowly he could feel excitement building up inside of him. Whatever happened, it was going to be a night that neither of them forgot.


Toph and Ash were the first to arrive at the gymnasium doors of the three couples. Ash was hanging onto Toph's arm, though she was the one really leading them. Pikachu was resting on his trainer's shoulder, for once able to be out in the open. "Alright, Ketchum. We managed to get together two couples tonight. It's our turn to shine."

"W-what?" Toph continued to tug on him.

"Come on!" All he could do was let out a yelp as she dragged him onto the dance floor.

Sig and Heart showed up next, both decked out in formal attire. The two were both still being followed by a few butterflies, which were eyed with suspicion by the ticket gatherers. Sig still looked as expressionless as ever, and Heart was looking a bit agitated. "Um, if you wouldn't mind looking a bit happier I would appreciate it, Sig."

"I am happy. Can't you tell?" He blinked slowly and looked straight at her.

"Not really... But that's okay. As long as you say you're happy I'll believe you. Hey! There's Kagura and... L. Fist?! I didn't know they were even coming. Hi guys!" Heart waved enthusiastically at the approaching couple. Sig turned to look then nodded in greeting.

"Hello, L. Fist."

The lightning boy grinned and waved at his friend. "Hey, Sig! I didn't know you were coming to this. I didn't think dances were really your thing, buddy." Sig only shrugged.

"Heart asked me to come so I did. Not much else to say, really," Sig slowly grabbed his date's hand. She giggled.

Kagura stepped out in front of L. Fist. "Hey, Heart, you were in charge of this, right? Where do we sign up for the swimming competition?"

Heart blinked, then cocked her head. "What swimming competition? There isn't one scheduled for tonight I don't think. Right, Sig?"

"I didn't hear anyone talking about it, no," Sig said, "I think I was supposed to talk to you about creating one, though. It was Ash's idea." L. Fist could have facepalmed at how blunt Sig was. Kagura whipped around to face him.

"You told me there was going to be a competition, L. Fist!"

Heart, seeing the situation was about to quickly become awkward, grabbed Sig's hand and dragged him into the center of the gym to join Ash and Toph. L. Fist's heart sank as he noticed his friend disappearing into the evergrowing crowd of people. "I thought there was going to be a competition, Kagura. I didn't mean to lie to you, honest!"

The girl hesitated, then sighed. "Fine... I'm not angry at you, L. First. I'm a bit upset but it's not your fault that Sig didn't set it up, I guess. If we didn't have so much fun, though..." The vague, threatening pause was left hanging in the air for an uncomfortable amount of time. "Let's have fun, though. Come on, all our friends are out on the floor now!"

L. Fist grinned and took her arm. The two walked side by side into the brightly colored room. Lights were flashing and music was blaring from all angles. It took only a few seconds to locate their friends. Toph was holding Ash in her arms while Pikachu looked on from underneath him. Heart was sighing as Sig refused to find the entire scenario funny.

"Want to dance?" L. Fist asked. Kagura, blushing, nodded.

"I'm not that good at it, though. Seriously, all those sports and I've never once really taken a dance class. I've been meaning to, but I guess it's too late for that, huh?" She giggled nervously and took L. Fist's hands, allowing him to awkwardly guide her into a dance. Of course he wasn't the greatest dancer, either, and so could only sway to the beat of the song playing.

Heart, watching the couple dance, turned towards Sig. "Do you want to try that too?"

"Dancing?" Heart sighed and rolled her eyes, putting her hand over her eyes.

"Yes," she grabbed his hands and began to rock their bodies back and forth to the rhythm.

"Hey, Toph, should we dance like that too?" The bender grinned.

"Nah, this is the better way to dance, Ketchum."

Ash looked around at the two couples she had already knocked over with his body. Toph continued to ignore her surroundings as she swung him around and around to her own beat. She accidentally crashed into Sig and Heart, who fell to the floor.

Kagura and L. Fist stopped and laughed, clutching each other at the waist as Heart hesitantly began to chuckle. Sig merely brushed himself off and got up before offering his hand to Heart.

Toph grinned.

"Best. Prom. Ever."
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So after reading this a few times over, here be my take on it.

Ash was right, girls just love Pikachu. Toph is no exception. Also, Toph knows about color now? Didn't know Earthbending can sense colors too. :lol: Lastly, of course these two would be the most rowdy of the pair in the end (courtesy of Toph mostly). :lol: These two make the perfect couple out of the three paired up IMO. :D

I see you didn't forget L.Fist's pervy and idiot nature as well. You got him down pretty well. :D Only Kagura would not notice an obvious plan to be asked to prom with her being bribed by a swimming competition. Though I guess Kagura being Kagura, everything is a competition. :lol: Love how they had fun in the long run!

Sig and Heart were definitely the cutest couple out of all of them with Heart's nervousness and Sig's expressionlessness. Butterflies make everythin better apparently. Way to go Sig!

I love this story! I'm definitely going to ask you for another crossover story again soon. Thank you so much! :heart:

Tiny tidbit: I see Professor Robin as a history teacher rather than a science teacher. That's just me though.
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Ahhhh thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

I've seen a bit of One Piece and got the characters mixed up haha. I totally agree, though. Maybe she's one of those professors with more than one class?

This was really fun to write because I never thought I could write those characters together and I'm actually pretty proud of the result. I'm super glad you enjoyed it, as well!