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Cured Again
He really ought to do something about that anxiety, JC thought, watching his friend jog around the apartment, cleaning, cooking, and constantly glancing at the clock. Jonah Green hadn’t slept a wink that night, in contrast to the object of his worry, who had shambled off to her room around seven o’ clock. Admittedly, JC  hadn’t slept either, though he had every intention of blaming it on the Smoker’s fussing. Unlike Jo, the thinner man was definitely feeling the time of morning; he yawned, leaning against the arm of the couch and propping his chin on his palm, carefully arching the long, red things that used to be his fingers back so as not to cut his face.
“Really, Jo, dusting’s not going to make this go any faster…” he sighed, “She’s probably going to sleep in anyways.”
“I know.” The taller boy didn’t miss a beat, and didn’t stop dusting.
“So why are you doing this again?” Th
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The door opened, a small cough announcing his presence. “May? Are, ah, are you still awake?”
Under the blanket, the Hunter smiled slightly. “Yeah,” she answered, sitting up and turning her head in his direction. It was a habit really, just to tell him he had her attention; she’d been full-on blind for almost a day now. “You’re still here?”
“Of course!” She chuckled at the indignation in his voice, honest offense at the idea he would abandon her. There was a small pause before he continued. “How’re you holding up?”
“I’ll survive. It’s not as bad as the first time, that’s for sure.”
He made his way over to the bed, feet shuffling weeks’ worth of dirty clothes out of the way, not to mention giving her a pretty good idea of his location. When he was within reach, the Hunter reached out with one hand, lightly gripping the front of his shirt. He sighed, smiling to himself no doub
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To do list
1. Figure out what's wrong with DA; I haven't been able to get into my inbox all week, and yesterday, the site itself wouldn't load.
2. Answer my RPs.
3. Work on my art for school, as well as some of my own.
4. Research for a paper.
5. Replay Portal2, to see if I can finally get the inspiration to actually write that next chapter, like I keep saying I'm going to do.
6. Update askblog; May's going to start losing her lucidity this weekend.
7. Finish Walking Dead game (and, based on what I'e heard about the ending, cry for a few hours.)
8. Catch up on TV episodes I skipped.
9. Just plain old catch up; I'm watching Doctor Who and Supernatural, so I'm seasons behind the res of the fandom.
10. Work on my own writing, for my novel.
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Who schedules a test on a Saturday?
SATs are tomarrow, so, um, wish me luck? I've got to actually get up in the morning, so I really just came on to post this.
Oh, and everyone I RP with? I'll try to get you guys responses by the end of the weekend. What little writing I do's probably going to be focused on my askblog, since I already know how that plot's going to go, and I don't have to be...spontaneous. Sorry.
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Snowy Evening
“Well, that went well. Told you we should’ve gone to Jocko’s.”
“Oh, don’t be like that, I’m sure they were just–”
The Hunter turned, scowling. “Did you see the looks that waitress was giving us? She was ableist, beanpole; the only reason she was waiting on us was because her boss would fire her if she didn’t.”
Jonah sighed, glancing to the side. “I-if you say so.” May snorted, turning around again and setting off down the sidewalk.
“Damn Carriers,” she growled.
It really was a nice evening, well, would’ve been if the dinner hadn’t put her in a foul mood. The streets were practically deserted, small flurries of snow falling every so often. Jo had offered her his scarf earlier (a ridiculously long red thing that seemed thicker than his actual coat) earning him a small chuckle from the girl as she tugged her own hood up over her head.
The Smoker looked up now, just in time to
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This is my cry
Smile, I tell myself, glancing through the crowd, catching the eyes of a few of my friends and nodding to them. They nod back. I clutch my bag a little tighter against my chest, forcing my mouth to turn up at the corners, nothing too big, but enough to keep them happy.
It’s strange, how long it’s been since I last went through these gestures…and at the same time, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you the last time I’d been fully, truly, genuinely happy. All those social learning classes, teaching me how to act? Oh yes, when it comes to my feelings, I’m a world class liar. As long as I don’t explode, if I can keep my eyes from overflowing, my voice from screaming, my fists from flying…if I can keep myself from a catastrophic meltdown, nobody would ever guess.
And it’s not that I don’t enjoy things, because I do. I still laugh, smile, squeal over feels, but it doesn’t… grab me like it used to
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Consider this a journal
Because I really don't want to take down the one with the Chelley comic, but gods do I need to vent...
Very simply: I'm still behind on both my homework and fanfics, and the air here is super dry today/night. If I get one more nosebleed, I might need a blood transfusion... It's really gross, I know, but at this point, it's just annoying the hell out of me, as well as the fact I've got like twenty multichapter fics I'm so behind on I'll probably have to start them over, and the fact school is destroying my life/creative/freetime, and I needed to complain.
Ah well. Back to writing!
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He stumbled against the chimney, face contorted in pain. The Smoker slumped to the roof, removing one bloodied hand to smother a cough.
A soft rumble made him look up, right into the face of the Hunter he shared the roof with. A small, involuntary smile tugged the corners of his mouth, and he reached out one green-stained hand to pat the top of her head in an attempt to communicate all was well. She shook her head and leaned forward, snuffing dismissively at the gesture, quickly finding the location of his wound. The moment her fingers brushed it, he gasped, yanking his leg away as a new wave of pain racked his body. His friend crouched there for a long moment, before jogging away across the roof.
She returned with the quilt, old and battered, which she dropped almost carelessly on top of his head. The Smoker blinked, confused, and reached up to lift it off; a hand grabbed his wrist. The Hunter made a soft sound he assumed to mean “No,” and released him.
By the time he mana
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New Years Kisses
"Oh, do stop worrying, beanpole, before you wear a hole in the floor." May yawned, stretching out on the couch. Behind her, Jonah paced the short hall between the kitchen and the sofa, wringing his hands. "Shouldn't you be home with your family right now?"
"I spent Christmas with them, they understand." He sighed. "I-in fact, Sam made some rather, um, s-silly jokes."
She laughed.
"I-it's not f-funny!"  he cried, pausing in his pacing to shoot her one of those wide-eyed, worried looks. She glanced back, smiling.
"It's not a big deal, Jo. So your brother thinks we're a couple? So does have the internet. Sit down, have some cider, and watch the show, will you?"
"You're a-awfully c-calm about this…"
"I put some of the champagne in it."
He raced over. "W-what?! B-but you p-promised–"
"That was a joke, beanpole. Give it a sniff, there's not a drop of alcohol in there." She held out the glass. The Smoker took it from her hand and looked at it for a minute.
"Um, n-no,
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It was almost a normal check-up day. She got up, made her bed (well, tossed the blankets back in place,) ate breakfast, took her meds, got dressed, and was out by 12. At the doctor's by 12:30, and out by 1. That was all it was supposed to be, nothing new, or different in her schedule…except for on the way out.
Someone called out her name. The hunter turned, surprised to find a grinning Survivor-no doubts with those scars-waving and hurrying over.
"Oh gosh, May, I thought I'd never see you again! How long's it been? I can't believe it; how are you?" He reached out towards her. The woman swatted his hand away and retreated a few steps, shoulders hitching up around her ears on instinct.
"Do I know you?"
He blinked, surprised. "Well, yeah, I mean, we did spend three months together…when I saw you on the TV, I couldn't believe you'd gotten out alive; I rushed right down here to check on you, and-"
"Can it," she snarled, taking another step back. "The last thing I need is some old boyfriend
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The last thing Jonah expected when he'd opened the door were the two cries of surprise and concern, followed by the sharp impact with his chest, knocking him to the floor. He felt the tip of his tongue flop off as he bit through it, teeth clacking together as his head cracked back against the door.
"God, beanpole, don't scare me like that!" He opened his eyes. May was perched on his chest like an irritable cat, frowning down at him. "I could've killed you!"
"Sorry…" he rubbed the back of his head, unsure of what to say. Something was off about the room, though, something that was bothering him…peering up past her head, he realized what it was.
"May? What's on the ceiling?"
"Sheets," she growled. "Mistletoe-patterned sheets. Don't ask me where that runt found them, but he snuck them in this morning, in a bag of Christmas decorations, and pinned them to the ceiling when I went out to get groceries!"
JC laughed, peeking out through the kitchen door. "C'mon, Mayflower; you know what
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Sorry for vanishing for so long. There was a bit of an...incident. I lost a lot of my muses. I lost a couple of friends, both online, and Real Life. And I've been cowardly avoiding the 1000+ messages waiting for me over here. I don't blame any of you if you're fed up and tired of me; I wouldn't blame anyone for leaving. Hell, I'd be surprised if you stayed.

I've been working on my original writing, and I've been working on fanfics for a couple of new fandoms I got into to try and compensate for said lost muses. I haven't been doing much art, and my scanner's sorta busted anyway...

I'm trying to get a fresh start. I'm just going to clear out my inbox, I'm not going to answer anything. I'm going to reorganize my favorites folder. And I can't say exactly when I'll be back again to update over here.

I'm sorry for any worry I might've caused. Thank you for your patience.


United States
I'm an artist/writer whose ideas come unbidden, most of which then leave if she decides to do something with them. Feel free to steal some of the unused ones (though not my art!) and please check out my fanfictions at…

Legend of Zelda is my life, though I'm also addicted to Avalon Code, Portal, and Okami. I fangirl over Vaati, Shadow Link, Waka, Kurow, Near, innocent!Light, Rex, Ur, and Wheatley. I'll support any pairing, so long as it works without making the characters OoC.

My favorite music (like my favorite color) changes with my mood.

If you're here because I've offended you somehow, I'm very sorry. I was probably trying to be funny, or overtired, or both. Let me know, and I'll make a public apology.

I've recently decided to start taking commisions. I have so little free time, but I need to be drawing again. Send me a Note, with either a description or a [link] to a place where I can find a description, and I'll draw it. "Points" would be nice, but I'm mainly doing it for the pictures and practice.

...And if you read all that, you get a Pocky :iconpockyboxplz:


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