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I'm an artist/writer whose ideas come unbidden, most of which then leave if she decides to do something with them. Feel free to steal some of the unused ones (though not my art!) and please check out my fanfictions at…

Legend of Zelda is my life, though I'm also addicted to Avalon Code, Portal, and Okami. I fangirl over Vaati, Shadow Link, Waka, Kurow, Near, innocent!Light, Rex, Ur, and Wheatley. I'll support any pairing, so long as it works without making the characters OoC.

My favorite music (like my favorite color) changes with my mood.

If you're here because I've offended you somehow, I'm very sorry. I was probably trying to be funny, or overtired, or both. Let me know, and I'll make a public apology.

I've recently decided to start taking commisions. I have so little free time, but I need to be drawing again. Send me a Note, with either a description or a [link] to a place where I can find a description, and I'll draw it. "Points" would be nice, but I'm mainly doing it for the pictures and practice.

...And if you read all that, you get a Pocky :iconpockyboxplz:
Sorry for vanishing for so long. There was a bit of an...incident. I lost a lot of my muses. I lost a couple of friends, both online, and Real Life. And I've been cowardly avoiding the 1000+ messages waiting for me over here. I don't blame any of you if you're fed up and tired of me; I wouldn't blame anyone for leaving. Hell, I'd be surprised if you stayed. I've been working on my original writing, and I've been working on fanfics for a couple of new fandoms I got into to try and compensate for said lost muses. I haven't been doing much art, and my scanner's sorta busted anyway... I'm trying to get a fresh start. I'm just going to clear out
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I'm borrowing my dad's computer while he works on the fireplace... Due to the, um, deadness of mine, and the fact the majority of internet devices do not appear to like devArt, and my library has it on a filter for some reason, I haven't been able to get on. And no, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get on again. I've come on to answer my messages and respond to my notes, and considering how many of them there are, I don't know if I'll be able to get through all of them. So, this journal is really just to say, I'm sorry I'm never on, it can't really be helped, and I'm sorry if I don't respond. I swear I'm not ignoring anybody, though I know s
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Go on, guess. You'll get it sooner than you think. Because you see, I just realized I get more done when I'm on the computer (as opposed to the iPad that supposedly belongs to me, but I only really get to use after everyone else goes to bed, or when they're too busy with other things) so I went to turn it on. And you know what happened? Abso. Lutely. Nothing. This isn't like the other times it wouldn't start; at least those times, it began to boot up. At least those times it made an effort. This time? Nothing. Not a wirr, not a light, no sign that I'd even pushed the button. I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, it's been threatening to
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