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The 'Psychotic' Blaziken

:la: Well, I'm so late that it's not even funny. OH WELL! It's drawn, and now am quite satisfied, I mean.. it does look pretty awesome! ...ASEDEFWDEF- I KNOW IT'S TERRIBLE, JUST.. deo with it. XD

Added like a bio. Woooooo

Name: "Blaziken" (Doesn't like telling her real name, stories have gone around about her and some.. INCIDENTS.)
Age: 17
Gender: F
Nature: Lonely
Type: Fire/Fighting
Flaws: Naive, Too quick to start a fight, sometimes forgets her "status" as a pokemon
Strengths: Powerful, brave, and will fight to the death (even doing a kamikaze-like attack if she knows it's not going to end well)

This Blaziken is unlike any other, claiming to never be replaced, and always busting out a happy XD face whenever she feels like it. Due to her fire-type status perhaps, she gets quite angry quickly, and her fighting-type status doesn't help a situation like that! But, she's eager to help her friends nonetheless, and do her very best in fights. Her trainer died in a huge incident involving.. drama, to say the least. This is why whenever she talks about her trainer, she tends to get a bit dark and disturbed. She talks in a format that people can't quite understand what she means as a result of this as well. At times she has a black glint in her eyes.. and that glint is far more dangerous than anyone needs to know.. for now. She tends to travel all over the place, and wander.. and somehow has gained many items over the years. Above all, she wants to just hang with the legendaries, as well as normal pokemon, sadly.. their in an entire different status.. but maybe that will all change? Hahaha- I mean, :iconlaplz:

"Psychotic" Blaziken Copyright 2011 -Shine
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
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:iconmotherofgodplz: That is feckin' amazing. I love how the Gijinka still looks like a blaziken! I'm jelly.
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!!! Thank you! I didn't know I could even come close to making someone with your drawing potential jealous..! :icontearplz: Just.. thank you! :hug:
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xD oh my~ so is that a rope she's standing on~?
safbjfbsflabsdfb she's a fire type to :la:
MsEmerald7's avatar
OH YES, THAT IS ROPE. Mmmhmm. Fire types are the 100% legit. XD (I saw your video as well. THAT THING IS AWESOME. XD)
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I made a video? o.o~ lolz
MsEmerald7's avatar
No, you sent me the keepon thing. That was pretty awesome.. needs a green version though. ;D
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oh that video XD lolz>[link] and yea other colors would be cool but sadly it only in yellow .-.

its an odd toy but verry intertaining x]~
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XD Yeah, I saw someone who made it into a sparta remix. That is epic. :la:
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