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So I made this manip yesterday:

The Rainmaker by Msdirection

When I went to bed, it had about 60 likes - the most any of my manips have got before - and I was so so happy with that.


Got up this morning... and it now has over 140 likes. And it's still going! So I just wanted to say to everyone, thankyou so much for your support. I'm so sorry I can't thank you all personally - I normally would, but the site thought I was spamming when I tried to do it last night! So I'll have to thank you all like this. This is absolutely amazing, and I'm so pleased people are enjoying my work. Its actually a lot of fun to look back at the quality of images I used to make - check out my Older Work folder if you want a laugh! - to the images I'm making now. I guess persistance, hard work and practice really do pay off in the end!



Msdirection's Profile Picture
My full name is Danielle. I prefer Dani… but only if you can spell it right

Technically Im a brunette, but I think being a fake blonde for a few years actually made my brain believe Im blonde - it's easily confused.

I finished my Honours in Psychology in 2010. Now on to Clinical Masters for 2011-12 - living the dream!

I have a wonderful boyfriend who brightens up my life and forever puts a smile on my face.

My true passion in life is horses. Its something thats always been a huge part of who I am and most likely always will be. Its only when Im there I realise how much I miss it when Im not.

I get lost in good music.

Apparently, I give good hugs.

I take the stairs more than i take the lift.

Im a self confessed nerd - and damn proud of it.

I remember when cookie monster didn't have a disclaimer

If you look pretty when you finish a run, you didnt go fast enough

I'm not afraid to make enemies, but generally more likely to keep the peace

My definition of a friend is the someone who can be dealing with their own life, and still make time to help you deal with yours.

I slow down in front of tailgating drivers and tailgate slow drivers.

I get really sarcastic and mean when I’m tired

I go to the fridge, open it, decide there nothing in there I want, walk over to the pantry, then go back to the fridge again - possibly in hopes that something better will have materialised in the 20 seconds Ive been away.

I am helplessly, incurably messy. I create mess. It just happens. It sends my mum and my boss crazy.

I belive our scars are there to remind us of days, times and people of the past that, even if they got us hurt, we just shouldn't forget.

Im the only person I know who can eat an entire bar of dark chocolate in one sitting

I prefer people who are too honest for their own good - at least you know the deal

I laugh a lot, often at myself.

I make fabulous typos.

I believe in love


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Do you offer commissions? =) Your art is absolutely marvelous!
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