Falx: a Matter of Perspective - Chapter 2

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The lizard girl was still sitting on her pipe, still as a statue. The man in the cage was Loki. Her jaw was hanging at chest-height and she had clasped to her pipe when she had found out. Loki was too startled to think about the sound and its source. He slowly backed away and sat down, looking at his lap. The girl forced herself to get her mind together and reminded herself that she needed to get out of there as fast as possible. She thought it'd be safe to come down. She clambered down, careful not to make any noise now. She then slowly crawled to the door and left. Loki registered the sound of the moving door just too late and he saw the door closing, without seeing its user. He immediately thought of the thump on his roof earlier that day and sneered at himself for not paying any attention at all.
Chapter 2 for my Avengers fanfic. This one's ridiculously short, so I'm uploading Chapter 3 as well.

The story takes off straight from the movie. Loki has been captured and he seems not to mind, leaving the Avengers frustrated. But then someone else enters, someone nobody could predict, and changes everything.

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Want some sneak peeks of other characters that will feature in this fanfic? Take a look through my gallery! [link]

Last time I checked, I still DO NOT OWN ANY MARVEL CHARACTERS.


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