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Someone Who Understands 2 [Chapters 3 and 4]
CHAPTER 3 [written by M-organ]
Keller walked in the woods with his new friend ERRORIKA, they were going to Sawyer & Arial’s home, he had so many feelings at the moment, anxiety, sympathy, guilt, fear, he still felt terrible for making ERRORIKA cry before, the entire walk he had a sad expression on his face, but kept brushing it off with “I’m fine”, he tried focusing on actually getting there, he had no idea how they’d react to her, he heard Sawyer got very defensive from the last guest he didn’t know about so he was kinda worried, but didn’t wanna assume much, flashbacks of all the gore from before kept coming back & rewinding in his head like a broken record player, he kept pinching himself to the point where his arms started brushing & it was noticeable, very unfortunate since he had a T-shirt, they just walked quietly, which was nice, they were halfway there.
ERRORIKA: *taps her sleeves cover hands together and sligh
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Someone Who Understands 2 [Chapters 1 and 2]
CHAPTER 1 [written by M-organ]
It’s been 1 month since Sawyer & Arial Met the ones that understand them, Tiffany Farhope & Alex Fallheart, but this isn’t about the 4 of them, This is about Keller Ross & ERRORIKA, 2 very shy killers that don’t often harm, but have a very scary side to their personalities, Keller knew Sawyer & Arial too but didn’t live with them, but often visited & stayed, anyway let us begin. Keller had just returned from a night of killing, covered in blood, slightly twitching, still slightly in his psychopathic state, but it was fading. He was walking in the woods, he never lived anywhere & he was fine with that, but he took a wrong turn & ended up somewhere else in the woods, a more beautiful & floral area. He looked around, it was covered with flowers & plants, he never saw this part of the woods before, he’d surly remember it, he kneeled down & picked a flower, then smelled it. Then he noticed s
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Someone Who Understands [Chapters 4-6]
CHAPTER 4 [written by me]
He had been killed by someone he trusted and then the killing was thought to be suicide, and I am not just talking about Alex. I am also talking about Sawyer. Someone who Alex related to a lot, Except for one thing, Sawyer killed, but Alex didn't, but now Alex was going to help Sawyer with murder. All along the way Alex wondered if he should really be helping with killing. He didn't want to become like his sister.
Sawyer: *stares at victim going inside*
Alex: *watches the victim* is he bad?
Alex wanted to make sure if he was going to help with killing, it was for killing someone who deserved it.
Sawyer: very, I saw him earlier today, he beat his mother up till she passed from blood loss, teeth even came out.
Alex: *gets mad* lets go kill him
Alex always wanted good parents. Seeing other mistreat theirs made him mad, very mad.
Sawyer: *psychotic smile forms on face & turns drill up*
Alex: *turns into a stuffed rabbit and sneaks into the guy's house*
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Someone who Understands [Chapters 1-3]
CHAPTER 1 [written by M-organ]
6 months, 6 months since they escaped their terrible experiences in the laboratories, being painfully experimented & tortured on, luckily they both escaped, oh no, I’m not talking about Arial & SAWYER, you already know about that, I’m talking about Arial & TIFFANY FARHOPE, but who prefers to go as just “Tif” a girl who also escaped almost a terrible & torturing death in an asylum, also a brutal heartless murder, just like Arial. Both experienced terrible past events & suffered from it, but eventually found it wasn’t to bad, but unlike Arial, she was still alive. Anyway, let us begin. It was dark, a dark cold night, a perfect night for a murder to take place, Arial had decided she wanted to go out, to kill someone & to take their head to satisfy her taste.  She didn’t go out to a horrible person’s house tonight, & of all nights. She went to a place in the woods she found quiet inter
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