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Commission Guideline as of 09.18.2015

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 18, 2015, 4:01 AM

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Commissions Price Guide

[[ Taken from prior commission guide: Commission Guideline as of 04.29.2013 ]]


Hello everyone! This guide is used for my personal reference & for inquiries for all interested folks who wish to commission from me.

Why a commission price guide? – The reason behind this guide as a personal reference has been a long time coming. Due to folks who have requested in the past before & not being prepared, I finally have a price guide line down not only for my preference but also be prepared to discuss any & all inquiries someone may ask later down the line. After-all folks who have asked & paid in some way, shape, or form in the past like & support my artwork have left me humbled & grateful, for that sentiment, I am very thankful.



                These are my personal preferences that may answer any inquiries of how I prefer to handle things in terms of commission work.


    1.       Interested, send me a note or msg on this social media account [all accts are at least checked once a day] or a direct e-mail @ . Please make sure the title of the e-mail/note/message indicates you wish to commission me.

    2.       All drawings specifications will be asked – so there will be back & forth e-mails asking a lot of questions about your commission specifications, after-all they are all done the way you want them to be done ~ so negotiations may be long.

    3.       Multiple artworks can be requested.

    4.       Final works are done & signed off by me. Client commissions will be their property; in return, both parties are in agreement all client requested commissions will be used as part of my personal art portfolio.

    5.       All commissions are scanned or digital & sent via e-mail [or social media site] & eventually showcased as examples of my artwork on social media sites. All original artwork will be kept with me. Discussions of this option may change on a case by case basis.

    6.       Clients may request for their commissions to be withheld from being showcased on any of my social medias – just please make sure to address this if you wish to withheld your commission [& a reason why].

    7.       All digital commissions have the following:

    a.       All WIP work is done on a smaller DPI/Res scale.

    b.       All final work DPI/Res scale is set to be made as a print.

    8.       Payment goes as follows: half before WIP [this will include line art progress] – 2nd half just before completion.

    9.       Payments are all done through paypal only so there will be a paypal fee for each transaction.

    10.    Negotiation from what is stated from the guideline is always possible as long as its reasonable.

    11.    All prices may change during time. (Such as special price runs & spots)

    12.    Artwork commission requests will be done in the order as I see fit deemed important & need to be done a.s.a.p. (Paid Commission always done before Point Commissions)

    13.    Commission may be subjected to delay due to real life reasons.

    14.    I have every right to change the FAQs as needed.


Paid commission: (All prices have been set due to past records. Look to notes at the bottom of the list.)


For one reg. character drawing --

$5 – Head 
$10 – Bust 
$15 – Half Body

$20 – Full Body


Chibi character drawing

$3  - Head

$8  - Bust

$13  - Half Body

$18  - Full Body



Additional character (in same picture) --

+ $2 – head

+ $7 – bust

+ $12 – half

+ $17 – full


Chibi additional (in same picture)

+ $1 - head

+ $6 - bust

+ $11 - half

+ $16 - full




Medium (of what is offered)

(In any conditions where previous medium artwork has already been paid prior, the prices below still apply w/o being charged a separate price from above.)

$2 – Pencil sketch

$3 – Digital Line Art

$4 – Pen sketch/line art

$5 – digital color

$6 – Mix Media 1 (copic marker/color pencils/pen)

$7 – Mix Media 2 (copic marker/pen)


Background (no background no charge…of course)

$3 – Simple (at my discretion)

$5 – Specific Background (details & specifications)


Transaction fees --

$1 – Paypal transaction fee


Reminder --

Though I may be offering anime-ish style drawings, I am quite flexible. If you have something different in mind or want something drawn from what is stated above, this can be discussed on a case by case basis too.




Point commission (deviantART only):


With all prices above, here is a conversion of guideline prices.


$0.50 = 80points


No paypal transaction fee (afterall your donating points)




Alternative payment proposals: If I miss anything that is mentioned from above that I may be interested – I am inclined to negotiate that option as well.





Head – All drawings encompassing the head only & go as far as to the base of the neck.

Bust – All drawings encompassing the bust area only & go as far  as just below the pectoral area.

Half – All drawings encompassing half the body & go as far as to the waist.

Full – Complete full drawing.

Examples of past requests & commissions: Click Here ~
All other requests outside of the link & my gallery can be given upon by request.

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