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Ballet Painting - WiP



Final painting for my class.

Almost done. Have to do some detail work now. Hadta go down to the art store to get some smaller brushes to get in and do the detailing. This will be done by wednesday night! Cause thursday is our "final" for the class, which consists of bringing in our final painting finished (that would be this one).

The annoying thing is that i can't get the colors and shading to come out in a photo!!! No matter how many pics i get in no matter how many lighting/settings, i just can't get a good shot! There is soo much more to the color and shading in this painting that is even close to showing up here!!! It's quite aggravating!!! (I even tried photographing it outside on an overcast day, which has been suggested to me by a few different artist... Still no good!!!)


Will be updating as i do more work.


Sidenote: Why is there no "figure" category in paintings?
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Wow, this is coming along really nicely. My only suggestion would be to work some of the pink and purple just very subtly into the background... it will unify the piece a lot. Disregard, of course, if you've already done that and it just didn't come across in the photo.