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The Final Stroke

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Hi! This deviation has been featured here! [link]

Remember to :+fav: the article and have a fabulously artsy day. ^^
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Done.. Thanks for the feature :)
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uber welcomez. n-n
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Cool concept :)
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Hi, I wanna Let you Know you get Featured
in my Journal. Go check here now: [link]

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Hey.. thanks!

Btw I saw your website... quite well made.. it says your age is 10.11.. is dat true?
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no problem.

ah really?
thanks for visiting.

no my age is 17.

10.11 is my birthday which is october 11.
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You are welcome.. btw I read somewhere on ur page that u feel d site is dull and boring.. I don't think so.. rather, I feel that it is quite in line with the kind of artwork that you do... something that I've seen very rarely!

Though I do have some suggestions! If you are seriously interested lemme knw :)
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thanks for saying that.
im just new in making webpages like that.

yea sure. what is it?
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I found 2 issues:
1. Loading time.. just lessen that, if possible

2. The dimensions.. it has to be wider.. I have a widescreen, the site covered only 1/3rd of my screen.. it was looking odd.. especially when I moved to the gallery where I had to scroll down... and more so Art/Graphic websites should be more wider than longer.. for better viewing!

That apart you can do a bit of flashwork to make it more animated and glossy :)
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XD LOL made me think she was a vampire....
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hmm... as long as you got the meaning.. it doesn't matter..

btw.. did u imagine d teeth.. lol
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I'm glad you find it interesting :)
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Very interesting take on this classic piece. I like.
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