Let's be honest - The Flash's first two seasons were pretty perfect, so there's not a whole lot I would change, making journals kind of pointless. The only real change I would make is have the first season build towards the formation of the Rogues, which I intend to feature as the villains of the first crossover. So, instead of weekly metas, it'd be a new member of the Rogues. In the second season, Earth-2 Harry Wells would be called Johnny Quick. Oh, and S.T.A.R. Labs would still be functioning, just with a portion of it quarantined after the explosion, where the Flash Family operates. This means no basement prison, with the Pipeline instead being an A.R.G.U.S. holding facility designed for metas.
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I've heard a few things in the past that I wouldn't have hated, like having Wally there from the beginning, not killing off Ronnie, not giving Barry and Iris a "sibling-like" dynamic. I mean, I love them as a couple, but it was a little touch and go there for a bit.

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Wally wouldn't be there from the beginning simply because there's nothing for him to do for the entire first season. I have debated killing Ronnie off numerous times and ultimately his sacrifice closes the wormhole above Central City and stops time from collapsing. It's kind of necessary and I do like the Jax characters. Barry wouldn't be Joe's adoptive son. He would be raised by someone else but still spends the majority of his childhood at the West house since Iris is his best friend and Joe is one of the few people he trusts completely.
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I'd much rather remove the step-sibling angle almost entirely. They are a couple in the comics and the adoption story only served to make their dynamic feel kind of icky.

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Well one thing I'd change from Season 1 is take out Grodd. He's one of Flash's biggest villains, and deserves to be the focus of a whole season, rather than just fizzling out into a washed up semi-recurring side-villain.

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Honestly I don’t really see Grodd as a villain of an entire season