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Season 3 Plot

  • I think we can all agree they dropped the ball with Flashpoint. I'd have that story arch last for the first half of the season, exploring the changes made to the timeline.
  • Quentin Lance would've been shot and killed on duty, leading to Laurel Lance becoming a darker, murderous version of herself. She'd been known as The Siren, who lures predatory men to their deaths. Sara Lance would set out to bring her sister to justice.
  • Oliver Queen would never have gotten on the Gambit, having never been in a relationship with Sara. He takes over Queen Consolidated and develops Green Arrow Industries, a major military contracting company, who steals advanced gadgets from super-villains for military use.
  • STAR Labs launches its particle accelerator, creating metahumans like Caitlin Snow, Laurel Lance, Sara Lance and Wally West.
  • ARGUS outlaws metahumans, which causes Caitlin Snow to lead the meta-revolution, leading to mass destruction across the globe as metahumans and humans clash. Using Firestorm as her secret weapon, Killer Frost intends to go nuclear.
  • Having no connection the Speedforce, Barry is forced to work with Eobard Thawne to return the timeline to its previous state. Eobard Thawne once again exists in our main timeline, before he heads off to Legends season two.
  • Barry's abilities would be affected by the Speed Force, who feels he abused his abilities. With Jesse and Wally also getting powers, the Speed Force becomes unstable.
  • I'd explain the Killer Frost-alternate personality backstory this season, as they originally offered little explanation for Caitlin's behavior beforehand.
  • The second half of the season focuses on Alchemy as the main villain, as he gives different people powers.
  • Caitlin would flatline like she did in the show, allowing Killer Frost to take over completely.
  • Alchemy would be killed by Frost, allowing her to assume the role of the main antagonist for the last episode, as I found her to be a way more compelling villain. 
  • I'd remove Savitar completely, as I found his backstory incredibly confusing and I just didn't find him that interesting as a character.
  • Frost would ultimately defeat the Flash Family but, unable to bring herself to kill them, departs to begin anew.
  • Barry ultimately goes into the Speed Force in an attempt to keep it stable. 
  • In the closing moments, Cobalt Blue arrives in Central City.

Season 4 Plot

  • This season would open up around a year after the end of last season.
  • Iris wouldn't be on Team Flash. She'd be a successful reporter, looking to open her own newspaper.
  • Cisco would be fully reopening S.T.A.R. Labs, having developed numerous inventions that puts S.T.A.R. Labs back on the map.
  • Joe would be promoted to Captain of the CCPD and is married to Cecile. They're even expecting a child.
  • Killer Frost would be working as muscle for Amunet Black, a smuggler and trader dominating the criminal underworld of Central City. She wouldn't be able to revert to Caitlin, as Caitlin was killed last season. Still, Cisco searches for her.
  • Wally upholds Barry's mantle, exceptionally well. Central City is even planning on opening a museum dedicated to the Flash.
  • The team would be without Barry for the first few episodes until he's brought out of the Speed Force by Clifford DeVoe, one of S.T.A.R. Labs most brilliant employees.
  • DeVoe would become obsessed with the Speed Force and its abilities and wishes to study and utilize its abilities in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • This season would be a lot shorter. Probably around 13ish episodes.
  • I'd have Barry be in jail for a bit longer, as I liked how that storyline started.
  • Wally would remain a main character this season, and would primarily be the one to hold the Flash mantle.
  • DeVoe would assemble a new team of Rogues, consisting of Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd, Cobalt Blue, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard and Amunet Black.
  • Cobalt Blue would be revealed as Eddie Thawne, still alive. Eddie's origins would be that of Malcolm Thawne's from the comics.
  • Barry and Iris would attempt to reach Eddie's humanity.
  • The New Rogues would ultimately fall apart when Killer Frost and Cobalt Blue betray the team, taking out Amunet. Glider would flee out of self-preservation as Wizard is taken in by the team.
  • The Thinker would mind blast Killer Frost (think Miss Martian in Young Justice), leading to her realizing that Caitlin is still inside her head. Grodd would overthrow and kill the Thinker and plans to invade Central City with his Gorilla Army in order to access the Speed Force. 
  • The team would ultimately reign victorious thanks to the last-minute assist from Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris' daughter from the future.
  • The season concludes, Eddie turns himself in, Caitlin and Killer Frost decide to come together and create a third persona, Frostbite (think Professor Hulk in Endgame), Wally would depart and join the Legends and Joe and Cecile welcome a son, Daniel West.

Season 5 Plot

  • This season would be more similar to some supposed plot points that leaked prior to the seasons airing.
  • Cicada would be a psychopathic serial killer, leading an anti-metahuman movement in Central City.
  • Nora West-Allen, aka Rewind, is being hunted by an unknown masked speedster.
  • This speedster, known as Pursuit, is unmasked as Joey West-Allen, the twin brother of Nora who's attempting to protect the timeline.
  • The Cicada plot would be wrapped up a bit sooner, as again, these seasons are much shorter. Plus, the Cicadas were by far the least interesting parts of last season. I like that they knew how to fight, as Barry never really goes up against enemies with thise capabilities.
  • Similar to how it was revealed that Nora was a pawn of Eobard Thawne in the original season, I'd have both Nora and Joey be pawns. I think that Thawne is a bit overused, so I'd switch to another speedster from the future - Daniel West.
  • A sociopath, Daniel attempted to follow in his family's footsteps as a hero called Inertia. Unable to live up the legacies left by both his uncles and constantly feeling like a disappoint to his famous parents, he snapped under the pressure, becoming the second Reverse-Flash. He ultimately hunts down other people who connections to the Speed Force in an attempt to get more speed. He trains Nora and Joey to unlock their full potential, allowing him to attempt to absorb their speed. They're saved by the intervention of Iris, who dies attempting to stop her brother. The twins eventually become heroes and stop their uncle, though he escapes in a manner similar to the series.
  • It also never made sense to me that Nora would work with Thawne, especially after knowing that he killed her grandmother. I'd try and make Nora a little less annoying since she consistently got on my nerves last season.

Season 6 Plot

  • As for season six, I love how this seasons currently going. In my opinion, the Arrowverse shows are at the top of their games this year.
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Really interesting stuff. I like that you gave some real weight to Caitlin dying in Season 3. That seemed like a really big deal at the time, when it seemed like Killer Frost had completely taken over, but then in the first episode of the next season Caitlin was back. I also really like the idea of an extended Flashpoint. I think the closest they ever got to that kind of scenario was Doomworld on Legends.

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Also, personal HC for how Alchemy gets his name; At some point he'll say "This city is sick. It needs a cure, and I'm the doctor", and then once Team Flash figures out how his powers work with the Philosophers Stone & such, Cisco puts it together: Dr. Alchemy.

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Awesome as usual 😆. Love what you did with Flashpoint and gave Grodd something important to do other than being a recurring side-villain. BTW, do you plan to rewrite the other crossovers?