Arrowverse Rewrite: The Bats and the Birds

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So, originally, I planned for the Arkham games to be canon in my universe. But, as I started planning out my ideas for the Birds of Prey spinoff, I realized I wanted to feature Barbara as Batgirl, something that wouldn't be possible if I kept the Arkham games canon. I also wanted to feature both Barbara and Dick as younger characters, around their junior year of college. So I've decided to come up with an alternate idea.


  • Bruce would still be missing, though his disappearance would be much more of a mystery. Engaged in a battle with Ra's al Ghul, the two seemingly died in an explosion, throwing both the League and Gotham into chaos. Alfred has gone searching for him alongside Robin, Tim Drake (who would be about sixteen).
  • Kate would be protecting Gotham in their absence, receiving assistance from Lucius Fox.
  • Luke would be a military vet struggling with PTSD and forms an unlikely friendship with Kate. The two share a more militaristic approach to the mission, with Kate's even utilizing guns.
  • There would be some villains from the Batman mythos involved. Penguin runs a club downtown, working as an arms dealer and information broker. In enhance for mostly being left alone, he essentially works as a snitch. 
  • Harvey Dent would be seemingly rehabilitated, having had a successful surgery done on his face.
  • The Joker, having lost interest in Gotham since Bruce's disappearance, has fallen into a state of depression, attempting to get some entertainment by driving Gordon insane. When that fails, he falls into a state of depression, going mute like in the Dark Knight Returns. Harley would have left him and be out on her own, working with Catwoman and Poison Ivy, with the Sirens being the villains of the second season.
  • Alice has taken over the Gotham Underworld, working alongside the Mad Hatter.
  • The season wouldn't be all that different, but the tone would be. Gotham in the series is very dark, dull and bleak. I'd rather it be full of color. 
  • The GCPD, and by extension, Jim Gordon, are featured heavily as they detest the Crow's presence in their city.
  • Bruce would ultimately be found at the end of the second season, having been held prisoner by the Heretic. 
  • The third season would start outside of Gotham, featuring Batwoman, Batwing (Luke would suit up at the star of the season), Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman coming to his rescue and fighting the Heretic, who would ultimately be unmasked as Jason Todd.
  • Jason would become the Red Hood and Bruce would return to Gotham, forcing Kate to adjust to being a part of his mission, especially considering he never wanted her to be involved. The two buttheads constantly, before eventually learning to working together. The end of the third season would feature the return of the Joker, with their battle playing out similar to the Dark Knight Rises, with Bruce being severely injured and the Joker finishing himself off. This would cause Bruce to become the man in the chair for Kate, sort of like in Batman Beyond.

Birds of Prey

  • As for the Birds of Prey, this would take place after the finale of Arrow, with Laurel moving to Blüdhaven for a new beginning after the death of her husband. She opens her own bar, retires from the life and focuses on raising her daughter. Fate as other plans, it seems, as she's contacted by the vigilante Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, who asks for her assistance in locating a missing mutual friend, Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress. Knowing that Helena's life may be at stake, Laurel agrees to suit up once more as the Black Canary and fight against injustice once more.
  • The main antagonist would be Black Mask, who is the kingpin of the criminal underworld and a major Thorne in Helena's side. I chose to move the Birds to Blüdhaven to allow for Batwoman to focus on Gotham, as well as feature Nightwing.
  • Speaking of Nightwing, Dick would be in his early twenties and joining the Police Academy, where his class consists of Amy Rohrbach and Catalina Flores. He'd have a flirtatious relationship with Barbara Gordon, though she ultimately thinks he's too much of a dog to start anything serious with him.
  • Barbara would be in the end offer college career, living in the upbeat neighborhood of Burnside. We'd get to see a bit other social life, as well as supporting characters from her comic.
  • Other characters would include Jason Bard, a detective at the Blüdhaven Police Department and a love interest for Helena, while his partner, Melody McKenna despises vigilante's.
  • Other villains would include, Blockbuster, Copperhead, Victor Zsasz, Lady Shiva, Katarina Armstrong and Lady Vic
  • I think Birds of Prey would be a really interesting show, as it can showcase the difficulties of being a single mother with Laurel, PTSD and the effects of childhood trauma in Helena, and watch Barbara go through the struggles of dealing her new reality after she's paralyzed at the conclusion of the first season.
  • This show would also feature plenty of guest appearances, including Batwoman, White Canary, Nyssa, Katana and more, with the roster eventually expanding to include Lady Blackhawk, Hawk, Dove and Cassandra Cain (the REAL Cassandra Cain - not whatever it was the movie gave us).
Ultimately, I haven't totally decided whether I want to go with this new route or stick with my original plan and include the Arkham games. Let me know what you guys think.
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Oh my gosh that Birds of Prey sounds incredible. God I wish that was what we were getting. I've been thinking about it and I think Juliana Harkavy would've been great as Helena.

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1.) Would the Court of Owls still be canon? How far would their sphere of influence extend?
2.) Are storylines like Death In the Family canon as well?
3.) You mentioned Babs dealing with having been paralyzed, so getting shot in the spine by Joker Joker still happens to her but, do the events of her New 52 run pre-Burnside happen?
4.) What happened to Helena that Babs needs to go on a recruiting trip?
5.) You mentioned that Babs would be in her early 20s, but what about Helena and Dinah?
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1) The Court of Owls weren’t introduced in either of the Arkham games or the Arrowverse, so they aren’t introduced here either.
2) Yes.
3) This show would explore Barbara as a college student in Blüdhaven, with some nods to the past but not everything translates from the comics to the screen.
4) She was captured by Black Mask’s men.
5) Helena would be in her 20s like in Arrow. Laurel would be in early 30s.
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All very interesting. Helena getting captured by Black Mask's men sounds like a harrowing situation for her to be in, with Babs and Dinah working against the clock to make sure they find her alive. Maybe because the actress didn't look it, I never got the feeling that Helena was in her 20s on Arrow. 
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The Arkham idea is cool, but I actually prefer this. It's a lot fresher and allows more room to play around with some of the old villains and supporting characters of the Bat-Family.