Arrowverse Rewrite: Supergirl

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Honestly, I don't think Supergirl needs a lot of fixing. I like the show, especially the third and fourth seasons. Was it kind of cheesy? Sure. But that's easily fixable. I'd probably keep these seasons shorter, as these stories can easily be wrapped up in like half the episodes and it'll make the flow way better. I don't really think that superhero shows should be 22 episodes, as it really drags the storyline.

Season 1

  • The main thing is that Clark and Kara were very much involved in each other's lives. I didn't like how the first season implied that he just dropped her of at the Danvers and then dipped. Instead, I'd have Kara be adopted by the Danvers family but have the family reside in Metropolis, where Kara became Supergirl as a teenager as Superman's sidekick.
  • The series would open shortly after Kara has moved to National City to be closer to Alex, who works in the city. Kara has recently graduated college and got a job as Cat Grant's assistant. The first season would focus on her becoming a hero on her own, learning how make tough choices for herself without Clark there to tell her what to do. He'd still be someone she can turn to for guidance, but ultimately she's learning to be independent.
  • James Olsen would be James Harper, the security officer for the building. I don't recall James ever once taking a picture in the show and honestly if there Guardian storyline is going to come up, why not just do it with the right James?
  • The main antagonist would be Brainiac. This would be similar to Injustice 2, where Kara witnessed Brainiac destroy Krypton. We could still include Astra, as I liked the familiar connection, but instead she'd be going up against Brainiac to try and released the bottled Argo City. 
  • Argo City comes up later in season three, so introducing it here and gives me an easier way to explain its existence, though Kara would remain unaware that her mother is one of the residents of the city.

Season 2

  • I really enjoyed the first half of this season with the Cadmus plot line, but couldn't stand watching it with the Daxamites. I'd keep the season focused on Cadmus, with the second half introducing Superboy. He could eventually move to Metropolis or Smallville at the conclusion to learn to control his abilities and become a hero, setting up a possible Teen Titans story down the road.
  • The introduction of Miss Martian would be way more in line with the comics. She'd be Martian Manhunter's niece and the daughter of the man responsible for the Martian Civil War and the death of J'onn's family. She'd be a teenager and form a connection with Superboy, ultimately helping him overcome his Cadmus programming and become his own person.
  • I'd make Jeremiah Danvers Cyborg-Superman, rather than Hank Henshaw. To me, this seemed to be the route they were going to go in the season and would honestly be way more interesting to have Kara and Alex's father be Cyborg-Superman rathe than Hank. This would also allow the sisters to have different stances on how to handle this threat.

Season 3

  • This season was one of my favorite seasons in the Arrowverse, so there's not much I would change, especially in the first half of the season.
  • I'd probably introduce a few more members of the Legion of Superheroes this season, rather than just Saturn Girl and Brainiac. Also, I'd make their costumes way more interesting and colorful.
  • Rather than having the Worldkillers be combined into one, I'd introduce all four "worldkillers" from the comics. There's Reign, their leader, Pestilence, who specializes in poisons, Purity, who specializes in overloading planet systems and finally Doomsday, who specializes in mass terrain.
  • The end of the season should be a huge event in my opinion. All of the characters in Supergirl take on the World Killers, which results in Kara using Black Kryptonite to kill Reign (and, as a result, also kill Samantha). In the process, the Super Friends are injured, taking them off the board and forcing the other Arrowverse heroes to come in and take down the last one standing, Doomsday. This would result in the "death" of Superman.
  • This would shake up the series as Kara deals with both stepping up in Clark's absence and process the fact that she had to kill someone she considered a friend.
  • While I liked Samantha, I don't think she should've survived the season. Everything seemed to indicate that she would die and that Alex would take in her daughter, so I would just follow through with it.

Season 4 

  • I personally liked this season a lot, but I know that people had their issues with the Sons of Liberty. As I mentioned before, I want to keep these seasons shorter so I'd probably cut them out and focus on the Elite for a little bit before switching over to Lex Luthor and Red Daughter. I honestly loved this storyline, though I couldn't stand the part where Alex had her memory wiped and hated Supergirl, so I would cut that completely.
  • I'm not sure whether I'd want to keep the romance between Dreamer and Brainiac-5, but I'm leaning towards cutting it out. I'm not sure if I want to go the comics route and have Supergirl develop a relationship with him or maybe introduce Jimmy Olsen properly down the line, so I'd maybe just keep Brainy away from romance for now.

Season 5

  • As for this season, it's kind of hard for me to write something that hasn't finished yet. As for right now, I'd probably make some changes to Malefic. I'd make him way more sinister, as I don't like the notion that all villains can be redeemed. 
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While I was personally happy that Samantha and Ruby got to live happily ever after, it does sort of take all the stakes from the season out of it. It was also weird that they just moved away and we haven't seen them since.

In this imagined version of the show where real life doesn't play a factor, would Cat Grant stick around past the first season?

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She probably wouldn't appear as much as she did in this first season as there isn't a whole lot of story for her going past season one, but I do love the character and her relationship with Kara so I'd probably have her appear a few teams each season.