Arrowverse Rewrite: Season 4

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So, now we get to the most infamous season of the entire Arrowverse - the fourth season of Arrow. More personally, I try to pretend like most of this season never happened (especially considering I'm a huge Black Canary fan). Like the other rewrites, I try to at least use the original plot as a base for the rewrite, so I'm keeping Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. I actually really enjoyed Damien and Neal McDonough and he did the best with what he had.


  • Picking up from where last season left off, Oliver has been traveling the world with Nyssa al Ghul to dismantle the League of Assassins. I'd probably have a bigger time jump, maybe a year to eighteen months or so (the same can be said for the Flash).
  • H.I.V.E. isn't some weird organization with a mystical powered head. Instead, I'd continue to keep Arrow more grounded and have H.I.V.E. be more of a creepy cult. H.I.V.E. stands for Holistic Integration for Viral Equality and their way of making everyone 'equal' is to sort of brainwash their followers. Star City is a dying city that has been ravaged by villains multiple times, and its hopeless citizens who need something to believe in make it the prime location for H.I.V.E.
  • I quite like the idea of a city turning against its hero. With a large following in the city, most of its citizens view Damien as a savior whom Team Arrow is trying to take out.
  • I'd probably dive deeper into some darker themes like Young Justice's third season did. People volunteering for human experiments to be 'improved by H.I.V.E.', creating metahumans, super soldiers, weird hybrid creatures and more, all of which Darhk will traffic for profit.
  • Darhk's wife would be Mother Mayhem, sort of combining aspects of the Church of Blood and H.I.V.E., since the second season of Arrow didn't dive the deep into it.
  • Simply put, I'd like to make it a dark, almost horror-like season featuring Team Arrow taking on a cult when the entire city has lost faith in them.
  • There would still be H.I.V.E. minions, but instead of there being the Ghosts, there's one Ghost. Think more Winter Soldier, with Andy Diggle under the mask.
  • I kind of liked the Anarky character from the show, other than the fact that he was nothing like the actual Anarky from the comics. Instead, it's a psychopath simply known as 'The Mask'. His true identity is unknown, his face burned beyond recognition, and he becomes a stalker to Thea.
  • This season would still feature Oliver learning about his son. Here, it's Connor Hawke. Also, Oliver and Laurel don't get engaged as fast as Oliver and Felicity did (which I thought was way too soon). They finally begin the relationship everyone's waiting for upon his return to Star City, and the season closes as he pops the question, though we don't get to find out her answer.
  • Roy's return would deal with the discovery that he fathered a child with Cheshire and is searching for his daughter, Lian.
  • As for Felicity, she's the one to go undercover with H.I.V.E., not just Quentin Lance. She nearly falls for their manipulative ways, but is ultimately caught redhanded reporting back to Team Arrow. 
  • Quentin Lance is the one in the grave, not Laurel. I feel like Quentin didn't have any real story going forward, whereas Laurel's was just really getting started.
  • As this season gets darker, I'd want to dive deeper into each character's darkness. Oliver nearly goes back to his old murderous ways when Damien goes after Connor and Laurel wants to kill Darhk to avenge her father. I liked the idea of temping them, but being the ones to hold out. Oliver giving into his darkness and the consequences is like the whole plot of season five so I don't see a point in doing that this season. As for Laurel, she is and always will be the heart of the show. She's the light that guides everyone and ultimately strong enough to walk away. As for the other three members of Team Arrow, they give in. Thea was trained to kill and does just that, being the one to kill Darhk. Diggle kills Andy for his part in Quentin's death, never knowing if his brother was brainwashed or truly wanted to follow H.I.V.E. Not knowing whether or not his brother could saved is something that will continue to haunt Diggle. Felicity 's darkness is something that I'lll continue to move towards each season, as  I though it was an interesting concept that the writers introduced and never went anywhere with.
  • Ultimately, Team Arrow would still disband at the end. Laurel needs a break to grieve for her father. Thea needs to get out of the field before she loses herself and Diggle needs to deal with what he did to his brother.
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You made Season 4 actually sound good??? WHAT???

So you'd avoid the whole Mayor storyline altogether?

What would you do with the Flashbacks for this season?

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Haha I tried. The Mayor part is still intact. If I didn't list it under changes, you can just assume that it still played out as I'm only listing the differences between the two versions. I meant to write a bit about the flashbacks but it would feature Oliver going up against H.I.V.E. in Russia, though this iteration is led by Queen Bee and is set before Damien took over. One of the plot points would feature Oliver rescuing Leonid Kovar from human experimentation, thus paving the way for his father's introduction the fifth season.
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Does Vixen still show up?
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Yes. I’m a pretty big fan of Vixen and the events of her series are still canon.