Arrowverse Rewrite: Legends of Tomorrow

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Ok I love Legends of Tomorrow. It's probably my second favorite Arrowverse series behind Arrow, but there doesn't mean there aren't things I wouldn't change about it. Mainly, I don't like how it's including pretty much all original characters.

Season 1

  • I established the backstory of the Hawks in my rewrite of the crossover the introduced them, so their backstory is no longer intertwined with Vandal Savage's. I loved with Young Justice did with Savage and his plan for universal dominance with Darkseid, so I'd probably include that here. I'd also like to get a different actor for Savage, though I haven't found one I like so far, so feel free to comment some suggestions. Savage's pact with Darkseid would also tease someone who could potentially be the big bad of the Arrowverse over all.
  • Carter Hall dying at the hands of Savage raised the stakes for the season, something I'd keep intact. But I feel that brining characters back cheapens the impact, so I'd have him stay good for dead.
  • I'd cut a lot of Kendra's story aspects. She's a formidable fighter in my Arrowverse, having worked in the military and for the Central City Police Department. I also didn't like how she was romantically involved with so many people on the team, including Ray and Jefferson. Hawkgirl could've been one of the most interesting characters on the show, and as show in the Justice League animated series, is someone who is far better off when she stands on her own. At the end of the season, Kendra departs for Thanagar to discover her true origins and where she comes from. There, the story would play out similarly to the live action Captain Marvel movie, where she attempts to uncover her past and gets caught up in the war between the Thanagarians and the Gordanians.
  • I'd also like to introduce Booster Gold at some point during this season, as he's a time traveling hero with connections to Rip Hunter, so introducing him for a few episodes would be pretty interesting.

Seasons 2 + 3

  • I loved these seasons and they definitely place on my top ten Arrowverse seasons list, so there's not much I would change to either of them.
  • The biggest thing is Vixen- they originally planned to bring Mari McCabe onto the show, so rather than create a new character, I'd just to keep the one true Vixen. Besides, bringing someone from a different timeline breaks the rules the Legends live by.
  • Nora Darhk would be an adult in the present day, not a child. It really bugs me that Ray, who was a full grown adult in 2020, is in a relationship with someone who's barely a teenager in 2020.
  • I'd also change Zari's name back to Adrianna. This character really doesn't have anything in common with her comic book counterpart, so I'd try to keep at least somethings the same. Maybe make an Egyptian refugee like the comics did.

Season 4

  • I really, really didn't like the magical creatures storyline. Instead, Mallus coming into our dimension, ripped open the Multiverse. Having the Legends travel through different universe and protect the dimensions between worlds would be far more interesting and allow us to see different versions of each character, both from Legends and the Arrowverse as a whole, such as an Earth where Sara became the Black Canary, Iris West became the Flash, one where Mick Rory lived a normal life, etc. This would allow the Legends to lead right into Crisis on Infinite Earths, as all the worlds we see and all the characters we meet are fated to perish. Plus, Legends was the only show besides Batwoman to not lead into Crisis.
  • Constantine would be hunting Neron throughout the Multiverse. Having a Satanic demon in the show would allow the series to get a darker tone, more horror-like vibe. Whereas the two previous seasons were both campy and dark, in my opinion, season four went to extreme in every wrong way.
  • In the end of season four, Nate died and the Legends brought him back. As I mentioned before, I hate when characters are resurrected, as it cheapens their sacrifice and what it means to be a hero. Besides, Legends was originally pitched as an anthology with different characters entering and exiting. Let Nate exit so new characters can enter.
  • No Gary. No Mona. No Charlie. No Fairy Godmother. Just no. Those characters are all horrible.

Season 5

  • Like I said for Supergirl, it's hard to rewrite a season that's currently airing, especially one that's only been able to air two episodes. That being said, with Nate dead and Ray and Nora departing, that leaves only Sara, Constantine, Mick, Ava and Amon (not Behrad) on the Legends, so they're in need of some serious firepower. And with the season focusing on Hell, souls and dark magic, it seems like the right time to introduce Zatanna to the Arrowverse. After seeing the Witcher, I think Anya Chalotra would kill it in this role and bring a much needed power set to the Waverider, as well as allow her to clash with Constantine and bring him down a peg. I also think having one of the escaped souls being Boston Brand would be an interesting and fresh way to introduce the character into the Arrowverse.
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Really love what you've got going on with Legends and Supergirl.

Will you be tackling Flash Season 3-6 in one go like with the latter 2 journals or will they be more extensive like the previous Arrow journals?

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You mentioned making Zari/Adrianna an Egyptian refugee, if it fits in timeline-wise, maybe she's affected by Arab Spring?
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I really like your idea for Season 4. I didn't mind the actual season so much, but there were definitely points that got pretty annoying.

I never really thought about Ray and Nora's relationship that way, because he never really interacted with her while she was a kid, and nothing started to develop with them until she was an adult.

Amaya was great, but I'm disappointed we never got to really know Mari. I also like that her appearance here would mean there wouldn't need to be an animated show. Speaking of which, would you maybe keep Citizen Cold and the Ray around?

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No they have their own Earth to worry about. Leo served his purpose in the story so I'm going to keep it the same