Arrowverse Rewrite: Arrow Season 8

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Overall, there's very little I would change to Arrow's final season, as I thought it did a really good job setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths and wrapped up Oliver's story nicely. The changes made to this season would mostly be a result of changes made to previous seasons. 


  • Overall, things would stay pretty much same. The first episode wouldn't be able to include the Earth-2 Black Canary, as we still have the version of Laurel on our Earth. So instead, I'd have Black Siren working alongside the Dark Archer, as I still think that Black Siren was a pretty fun character, even if she doesn't fit into my Arrowverse anymore. I'd also have the Earth-2 Green Arrow be Emiko, as it would make more sense for someone connected to Robert to succeed him after he's arrested as the Hood than it would for a stinger like Adrian (whose name shouldn't even be Adrian).
  • In the future, I'd have JJ Diggle be the new Prometheus, rather than Deathstroke. Deathstroke has always been definitevly Slade Wilson, whereas Prometheus is more of a mantle.
  • Mia wouldn't be the new Green Arrow. Both Connor and Mia would be out in the field, acting as sort of water and fire, with Connor being cool and collected while Mia is hot-headed and impulsive. It also makes more sense for Mia to the new Speedy as a way to honor her heritage. She's an archer like her father, wears black and gold like her mother and uses the moniker used by her aunt.
  • I would also like to mention that I will not be pursuing a spinoff about the future. I'd do one future episode to wrap up the future storyline post-crisis. Mia and Connor were raised together, Sara Diggle is a successful club singer at JJ's bar, JJ and Mia are engaged and Zoe and Connor are involved as well. Connor and Mia will still become Green Arrow and Speedy, though under much different circumstances. Instead of doing Green Arrow and the Canaries, I'd do what the CW should've done - the Birds of Prey.
  • As for the finale, well, I'll keep that under wraps for now. Once I finish with the other shows and the crossover, then I'll do a journal doing post-Crisis changes.
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Awesome. Feel kind of bad for Laurel here, though. Since it's now her husband who dies. Would you still have the whole "universe reboot reverses all the deaths" thing happen?

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There’s going to be changes post-Crisis. It’s not going to be done the same way that the Arrowverse shows have done it, but there’s going to be some changes.
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Very nice. Can't wait to see how you'll handle the other shows going forward. I'm guessing Flash Season 3 is next?