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DC Couples (Alt.)

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Here are some other couples I like together, but some aren’t canonically together (others are of have been).

Row One: Batman x Black Canary, Nightwing x Starfire, Superboy x Miss Martian, Red Robin x Wonder Girl, Arsenal x Cheshire, Red Hood x Ravager
Row Two: Green Lantern x Hawkgirl, Superman x Wonder Woman, Robin x Supergirl, Green Lantern x Darkstar, Steel x Lady Blackhawk, Jimmy Olsen x Power Girl
Row Three: Maggie Sawyer x Alex Danvers, The Question x Batwoman, Jason Blood x Madame Xanadu, Alec Holland x Abby Holland, Ralph Dibny x Sue Dibny, Hawk x Dove
Row Four: The Question x The Huntress, Blue Beetle x Oracle, Constantine x White Canary, Deadman x Dove, Alfred Pennyworth x Leslie Thompkins, Beast Boy x Terra
Row Five: Green Arrow x White Canary, Nightwing x Zatanna, Lex Luthor x Veronica Cale, Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn
Row Six: Batman x Wonder Woman, The Flash x Hot Pursuit, Micro x Giganta, Deadshot x Harley Quinn

All Art by Phil Cho for Roysovitch E-27 project 
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Tbh, I think John x Hawkgirl is the better couple over John x Vixen. Maybe it's just because I grew up with the JL cartoon.

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Are you going to do part 3? If so, I have some new ideas from couples. For example

Flash/Green lantern (Jessica Cruz) 
Red Hood/Power girl
Batman/Talia al ghul
Damian Wayne/Carrie kelley
Green Arrow/Felicity smoak
Conner Kent/Casandra Cain

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I love batwonder(Batman x wonder woman)
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Where can I see the original Citizen Steel pic? I can't seem to find it.
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Cassie/Conner is bettter!! Tim and Spoiler should be together.
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This isn’t my current universe couples. Just simply alternate couples I like together. I have Conner/Cassie and Tim/Steph together 
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I'm a Nightwing x Harley Quinn shipper
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Is that the Dinah Drake Black Canary?
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Yes. Laurel Lance is her daughter and Ted's goddaughter. It would be creepy to put her and Ted together. I pondered the thought of putting Ted and Dinah together during their time in the JSA, but decided to keep them as best friends and have her be Ted's work wife instead.
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I think I actually prefer Damian with Mia. And is Conner currently with Cassie?
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Yes Conner is with Cassie. I’m not sure who Connor or Damian is going to end up with. I like Conner with both M’gaan and Cassie, just as I like Damian with both Carrie and Mia
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I actually prefer some portions of this (ie Cheshire and Roy, Huntress and The Question) 
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I do like them together but currently Vic is dead and Roy ended things with Jade due to her being unable to let her criminal ways go
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