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Batman Inc. - Ten Years Later

By MS225
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Batman Inc. - Ten Years after The Crisis

Front Row (L-R):

The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Red Hood (Jason Todd), Selina Wayne, Batman (Bruce Wayne), Oracle (Barbara Gordon), Agent 37 (Dick Grayson), Robin V (Damian Wayne), Batgirl IV (Stephanie Brown), Black Bat (Cassandra Wayne).

Middle Row (L-R):

The Question II (Renee Montoya), Lark (Duke Thomas), Zatanna Zatara, Black Canary II (Laurel Lance), Batwing (Luke Fox), Flamebird (Bette Kane), Misfit (Carrie Kelley), Catwoman II (Holly Robinson), Bluebird (Harper Row), Batwoman (Kate Kane).

Back Row (L-R):

The Eagle (Alfred Pennyworth), The Signal (Jason Bard), Lucius Fox, Titus, The Falcon (Sasha Bordeaux), Harold Allnut and Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

All Art by Phil-Cho.

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 Alfred is forever immortal 
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Do me a favor and at least link me when you use my pictures, please
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My deepest apologies. Most of the stuff on this account was posted a while ago and I don’t use E-27 art (apart my character) anymore. If you wish I can go back and tag you but I’m actually deleting most of my stuff
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:shrug: Either way. I don't think you need to delete anything, but do as you please. ;)
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I liked this story line arc for's too bad they didn't do a timeskip to see the end result of the catgirl thing? I still thought she was the daughter of BM/CW or BW/SK...cliffhangers can sometimes suck & I loved that in this you mention BM/CW are married!!!:) (Smile) 
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Wow that's so cool. Good word as usual
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I love Grayson as Agent 37...amazing work!
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Dick Grayson noticeably absent. Maybe I missed him but, this doesn't look good for him. 
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Dick is between Zatanna and Sasha. He isn't in his Nightwing suit as he's currently considering finding Justice through more legal methods 
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There he is! Phew.
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He is not in the description..... Why Duke and not Grayson?
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Dick is between Zatanna and Sasha. Duke Thomas is a member (in training) of Batman Inc. operating out in Blüdhaven as part of a trio with Batwing and Bluebird. 
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