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Disneyland 9.0 - List of Attractions

For a complete description of the park, click here.

A1. Disneyland Railroad Station;
A2. Town Square;
A3. City Hall;
A4. The Golden Mickeys;
A5. Animation Academy;
A6. Disney Gallery (expo.);
A7. Barber Shop;
A8. Emporium (retail);
A9. Vintage Vehicles;
A10. Main Street Cinema;
A11. Flower Market Street;
A12. Sweetheart Cafe (rest.);
A13. Penny Arcade;
A14. Plaza Gardens Stage;
A15. The Plaza Inn (rest.);
A16. Central Plaza;
A17. Swan Paddle Boats.

Arabian Market

B1. Agrabah Bazaar (retail);
B2. Magic Carpets;
B3. 1001 Nights (dark ride);
Pirates' Coast
B4. Swinging Galley;
B5. Blue Lagoon (rest.);
B6. Pirates of the Caribbean;
B7. Black Pearl Dock (sailing ship);
Wild Isle
B8. Jungle Cruise;
B9. Swiss Family Treehouse;
B10. Wild Isle Jungle Trek (island walkthrough);
B11. Rafts to Wild Isle;
Lost Jungle
B12. Liki Tikis;
B13. Polynesian Terrace (rest.);
B14. The Enchanted Tiki Room;
B15. Hakuna Matata (rest.);
B16. Festival of the Lion King;
B17. Kali River Rapids;
B18. Explorer's Club (rest.);
B19. Indiana Jones Adventure at the Temple of the Forbidden Eye;
B20. Mammouth Falls (log flume ride);
B21. Disneyland Railroad Station;
B22. The Boneyard (playground);
B23. Jurassic Mountain (roller coaster).

Fairytale Village

C1. Fairytale Castle;
C2. Dragon's Lair;
C3. Wishing Well;
C4. Pinocchio's Journey;
C5. Peter Pan's Flight;
C6. it's a small world;
C7. Fairytale Carousel;
C8. Disney Princess Fantasy Fair;
C9. Mickey's Phillarmagic;
Enchanted Forest
C10. Pooh's Hunny Hunt;
C11. Pixie Hollow;
C12. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train;
C13. Matterhorn Bobsleds;
C14. Junior Bobsleds;
C15. The Old Wind Mill (ferris wheel);
C16. Swiss Village Haus (rest.);
C17. Enchanted Forest Canal Boats;
Storybook Circus
C18. The Big Top (rest.);
C19. Disneyland Railroad Station;
C20. The Great Goffini's Barnstormer;
C21. Dumbo;
C22. Curious Labyrinth;
C23. Mad Tea Party;
C24. Alice in Wonderland (dark ride);
C25. Queen of Hearts' Banquet Hall (rest);


D1. Lava Pools;
D2. Orbitron;
D3. PeopleMover;
D4. Soaring Over Pandora;
D5. Cosmic Zoo (inCosmicDiscoveryland Terrace (rest.);
D7. Zephyr;
D8. Space Mountain: From Earth to the Moon;
D9. Starcade;
D10. Jedi Academy;
D11. StarTours;
D12. Galactic Observatory (circlevision);
Port Discovery
D13. Professor Marvel's Hall of Wonders;
D14. Storm Rider;
D15. Horizon Bay (rest.);
D16. Fireworks Factory (shooting arcade);
D17. Aquatopia;
D18. Disneyland Railroad Station;
Mount Prometheus
D19. Around the World in 80 Days;
D20. 5 Weeks in a Balloon;
D21. Journey to the Center of the Earth;
D22. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea;
D23. The Mysteries of Nautilus;
D24. Hyperion Café (rest);

For a complete description of the park, click here.
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I'd love to go here! 
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Your Disneyland is Just beatiful !!!go on my account for see my Disneyland☺️😅
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A17. Swan Paddle Boats

First I read "Swan Battle Boats" XD
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I always forget to add the Hounted Mansion (or Phantom Manor) to my parks. But this time, I'm pretty happy about that, because I don't see this kind of ride fitting in any of the four lands, unless it recieved a big retheming (a pirate's haunted house? a cursed medieval castle? a dangerous alien temple?).

For this, I propose a solution: make "Pirates of the Caribbean" less festive and more frightening.
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Maybe the Haunted Mansion should be more of a thrill ride. Come to think of it, it already seems to be in a way.
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Where is Phantom Manor (the haunted mansion)? It's supposed to be at B16 (festival of the lionking).

Oooooor isn't this the one in Paris? wonderfull pic bt~w!
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Thank you for the comment!

"Festival of the Lion King" is a live show, as seen at Animal Kingdom and Hong Kong Disneyland, and here it follows the same proposal, fitting with the jungle/exotic themes of Adventureland.

I didn't find room or appropriate context to a Haunted-Mansion-type-of-ride, although I thought of a "Pirates of the Caribbbean" a little bit scarier, and I would say that the scariest ride of the park is Jurassic Mountain, because of dinosaurs and not ghosts.
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oops sorry i didn't red the description...0_< zrry!
You know, i'm a big fan of the Haunted mansion. that's why.
again: cool pic!
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