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Incredible work my friend, but I'm still waiting, and sorry to say it but a new short video clip would be interesting. or a new demo of the game you were working on, if it is still in development and future plan. but excellent work.

A comic set on unniversity and campus base on younger heroines (Teen Squad)maybe with Wolf Woman being undercover as instructor for wrestling team? With teen heroines being mostly incompetent and at each other throats, while Wolf Woman is in over her head eventully Ms Americana or other top tier heroine has to step in. As for villians mybe Frau Elsa is behind training new recruits amongts students. and running breeding experiments?

Ms Americana would find herlself as suprise guest at some secret party or main attraction of it. As for Elsa new recuits might be easier to manipulate bot not neceraly more loyal, and turn on her. WOuld a co op between Elsa and Dragon Queen work? Hope Jungle Gril get to college she is missiong out on the fun,

incredible, excellent work. I know it will sound insistent but an animation with this new modeling would be good. or at least another demo of the game that you were already developing. If possible, I love your work.

Freyja and Breast Woman havin a night out fighting monsters? Not sure how the two would meet (wouldnt care really). Freyja mentions the lizard gods as to punish Lysandra for her actions. If Freyja takes Lysandra to them as for punishment but she doesnt susspect lizards have sided with Lysandra and Freyja is the one to get punishment.

As for Breast woman something like this might have been up. Breast womans ship crash lands on erth. Her ship is in repair for a long long time so she is stuck on earth. Geek and Dragon (could be other villian) would team up to biuld giant laser or hack a satellite to disable the ship, trick is to lure her close enough. On ground Breast woman would have to find help (Brenda Wade) to slowly repair the ship.

hello this new rendering is great, hopefully we will have an animation soon. Please, it's necessary, it would be great. Or if you have in mind the realization of a game later.

OH MY the Girls LOVE your PAGE :)

Hello, how are you? you have not thought about the return of Warlock, one of the villains of somes comics, he is an interesting villain.

It would be nice to see him again in action against Ms Americana, in a serial again or in a short. he could be a villain of some future game, or an animation hehehe.