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Her Unwelcome Inheritance (2nd edition cover)

By MrWootton

Sometimes fairies believe in you… and it’s not always pretty.

When Oberon needs to sacrifice her family to restore his shattered kingdom, Petra will fight for their freedom and sanity as the world she knows and the people she trusts are transformed by supernatural invasion.

Petra is supposed to be starting college, but these fairies are real and they need her help. There’s just one catch: they want her to become a desperate tyrant’s sworn servant. Forever.

Available in hardcopy and ebook formats from Amazon & most major online booksellers.

Read the Daily Deviation-winning story excerpt here.

Cover image created by Gordon Napier. Cover design produced by Jill.

If you enjoy the book, please help me out by commenting, favoriting, sharing links on your social media, and just plain telling your friends to read it =)
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I must read this book!
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Oh, definitely!

(but I'm not biased or anything...)

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I've finally read it! Intriguing plot, memorable characters(lovable and despicable), and quite the quandary for poor Petra. Quite the tale, it tells. And now to get my hands on the sequel...
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When I read this scene, I thought "that would make a great picture, and a good cover for the book!"
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I had been toying with the idea of painting it myself for a couple months, actually. It's a very magical scene.

The whole book was delightful - the best fantasy I've come across in some time. Lots of fun for my inner literature/mythology geek and an engaging storyline (I kind of hate you for the cliffhanger, though!) ;)
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Please do!! I love your art and would really enjoy seeing your take on it.

Thanks very much for the kind words - I'm glad you liked it! I'm nearly done writing the sequel, so hang on for another few weeks and you can find out what happens =D
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I look forward to reading it! :D
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Nice to see it in its final format. I can attest that it's a very good story, that draws you in. Well written, with good characterisation.
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Thanks very much! You did an excellent job on this - really brought the scene to life.
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I hope so. There was a bit of an issue with this scene seeming a bit light and whimsical in relation to the overall tone of the stories, but I think it works quite nicely, especially when taken along with the others.
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Thanks for faving!
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