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The Awesome Colorations of the Vulpes Vulpes



This is a freaking huge file!
Please be aware that there maybe aren´t all existing fox colorations of the ranched red foxes are on.
I took all which were shown in the book Beautiful Fur Animals
There are some which were not be shown, but described.
This is only the sheet of the ranched red foxes.
I also will make the blue foxes and the hybrid foxes.
Please download the file to get the full view of all types.
Foxes all have been painted by me with real color picture reference photots from the book which is official material to all breeds. Lineart also was made by me.
All names to the foxes you find here aren´t any fantasy names. They are listed in the book with the matching photos of the animals to them.
I also would like to give you some infos into the genetics, but I don´t understand much about it.
I never studied biology or even genetic.
All I can tell you is that the white markings are caused by dominant genes and when you would breed with foxes like that, you surely get pups which also have white markings.
My favorite geno-types by the way are the dominant and the fire factor genes.

To get some things straighten:
Since the book is official material and many names are typed wrong here and else where, I now made the decition to use the names from the book from now on.
The book for example doesn´t differes between sun glow and red marble. Both are the same. But the bright colored red marbles are just called sun glow and the deep orange red marbles (like the one I had) are called sun glow gold.
There are also many marbles which have nearly no markings are just very thin markings. Those are called arctic marble white / sun glow white / marble cross white and so on.
You also see that some foxes have 2 names in their list. I took the two names from the book. The name which is mentioned as second one is the "Marketing Name" as called in the book.

Photots to the paintings:
Red fox: [link]
Smokey red fox: [link]
Gold cross fox and Silver cross fox: [link]
Extra dark cross fox: (No pictures in the book)
Standart silver fox: [link]
Albino fox: [link]
Colicott brown fox: [link]
Burgundy fox: [link]
Polish pastel fox: [link]
Norwegian pastel fox: [link]
Pearl fox: [link]
Burgundy gold fox: [link]
Pearl cross fox: [link]
White face fox: [link]
White face colecott fox: (No pictures in the book)
White face burgundy fox: (no pictures in the book)
Ring neck fox: [link]
Ring neck gold fox (Platinum red fox): [link]
Ring neck cross fox: (No pictures in the book)
Ring neck colecott fox: (No pictures in the book)
Mons platinum fox: [link]
Polish platinum fox: [link]
Georgian white fox: [link]
Arctic marble fox and arctic marble white fox: [link]
Sun glow fox and pale Arctic marble fox: [link]
Sun glow red and Sun glow white: [link]
Arctic marble silver cross: [link]
Arctic marble red cross: [link]
Platinum gold fox: [link]
Platinum gold cross fox: [link]
Platinum silver cross fox: [link]
Pale amber fox: [link]
Fawn glow fox: [link]
Autumn gold fox: [link]
pale Autumn gold fox: [link]
Dawn Glow fox: [link]
Sapphire fox: [link]
Burgundy platinum fox: [link]
Glacierblue fox: [link]
Burgundy marble fox: [link]
Pearl marble fox and Amber marble fox: [link]
Fire gold fox: [link]
Golden sunrise fox: [link]
Fire cross fox: [link]
Fire and ice fox: [link]
Moon glow fox: [link]
Snow glow fox: [link]
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That's a TON of variations! and it's only the reds. wow.
Can't wait to see the blue variations :)
Great work!
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