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[MMD] B A C K R O O M S - S U R V I V A L

Figured it was time to make a new horror image.

Effects used: Raycast, SSAAx4, Beamman's DOF
Touched up with photoshop for color correction, blood effect, moist floor effect, and post processing (noise/filter/vignette)
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© 2021 MrWhitefolks
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Have you ever considered making a small-scale horror universe yourself?

Either way, your horror images usually turn out very well. Crazy atmospheres. Personally I like outdoors situations, adds a feeling of hopelessness, inevitability to it. Like ”When Day Breaks,” that SCP thing.

Whenever I get in a 'mood' to make something horror themed, I usually start ruminating about what's really unsettling to me, then go from there.

So I decided to dig into the Backrooms again, when I started finding all of these posts and designs of a multitude of 'stages' or 'floors' as if it's some errant level in a videogame, where people kept throwing in an ever increasing level of "spooky" cringe monsters.

In turn, I felt they are outright missing the point of the Backrooms - as the true horror is trying to survive alone against whatever (be it possible malicious denizens of the backrooms, other people who may have been trapped and gone mad in the process or even worse - your own anxiety/degrading sanity) you run into, within an endless repeating nightmare of yellow - never really knowing where you are, where you're going and/or when (or if) you'll ever make it back.

Any injury sustained in here (even without any creatures to worry about) would be FAR more serious as there's no way to find medical assistance. In the end, a simple laceration to your hand or arm after tripping in the dark and the subsequent infection that would follow could turn this from 'omg so spoopy' to an actual life threatening situation.