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[MMD] Akihabara City Street

This (almost complete) collection of maps from Akiba's Trip has finally been ported to MMD by UnrealXActor and I HAD to create a wallpaper image to showcase it.

Everyone in this community needs these maps. Period.
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Follow the link to the DA user who ported the model (it's in the description)

follow the link in the description

May I use this for an art background?

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Wow it will be a mmd stage ? :) Good work guys !

It already is, just click the link to their profile and download the map set. It's amazing.
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It was very hard work. Achieve the extraction without failure of those maps. Unfortunately. I have not been able to extract all the maps, because the hexadecimal is incomplete. Besides that the textures are encrypted, it is double work. But as the map seemed nice to me, it hits the Japanese environment in mmd. And something original. The difference is that in the real one it is JR and in Akiba it is UR. For the copyright. :) (Smile) 
Yeah, a LOT of the businesses in Akiba had their logo / name changed in the game itself (Onoden is now Denden, KFC is KCF, etc) to escape copyright issues, even down to the Boss Coffee vending machines being called 'BOOS' and having Tommy Lee Jones face obscured by an ad.

It's one of the reasons that whenever I'm there, I snap as many photos as possible to use for textures in props/models for MMD.
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of the billboards may be, but the textures of the building is better to recreate them for the envelope. They don't convince me at all. 
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Upon first glance, I thought this was the Yakuza set.

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xD So true. EVERYONE needs these maps. Plus Akibas Trip is one of my fav games '-'=b
Real talk, I spend about 14 days in Japan every year, and my home base is ALWAYS at the APA Hotel in the backstreets of Akihabara (near Mandarake and the DragonQuest themed Lawson's conbini) and this game 'map' is about as close as you're gonna get (although it's still missing the Kotobukiya / Super Potato area of JunkStreet and the Yodobashi Camera map from the game) to walking around the real thing.
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Epicccccc and yeah xD This is indeed the best map of akiba that we're gonna get. Unless another Akibas trip game comes out
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