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Student Transfer - Head Swap 2

Hello everyone

Today I want to show you a little experiment that I did, which is a Head Swap between two characters from a very good Visual Novel, which I highly recommend called Student Transfer. These being, Connie, The teacher of the School and Yui, a schoolmate of the main character.
I think this one did not work out as well as the previous ones, but I want to see your opinion. 
If you have any ideas regarding a 
Head Swap from Press Switch or Student Transfer, you can post them in the comments. I would like to see your ideas

I hope you liked them. With nothing more to say, see you.
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Nice work guess You has a body to go with her personality with enforcing the rules. How about John and Zoey?
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I don't know, I haven't done any M2F head swaps, but I could try. Any other idea?

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Zoey and Sayaka could be funny
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I like the result!

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Está muy buena
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Siempre puedes usar la pose B, es más universal por así decirlo.

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Lo intente, pero no me convenció como quedaba con esa pose

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Oh bueno, no se pierde nada en todo caso. El resultado me gustó de todas formas.

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Que bueno que sea de tu agrado :)

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Wonderful duet!
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