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Scrivenite in the vivified labyrinth by MrVergee Scrivenite in the vivified labyrinth by MrVergee
I could not resist. I just had to use the scrivenite from Pathfinder's 'In Hell's Bright shadow' (Hell's Rebels, issue one). The companions enter a small library in the (modified) vivified labyrinth, where the books come to life and form some kind book golem who lashes out with his bookmarks and tries to suck the memories out of his opponents. Miniatures and scenery are by Warhammer, Mithril, Reaper, Freebooter, Dwarven Forge and Psomminiature. The Scrivenite is custom-made.  You can read how the combat goes in the campaign journal section of Paizo's messageboards under MrVergee's Curse of the Crimson Throne.
Malchior315 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
I'd like to know how you made the Scrivenite! Did you make all the books and pamphlets on the ground as well?
MrVergee Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
I've been a huge fan of DMScotty's crafting site for years now. Some people posted ideas on how to make books and scrolls, simply by printing out pictures of books and scrolls really small. Check out these links to find out more:…………
To make the scrivenite, I took a washer and build up the creature's basic frame with my hot glue gun. I added a metal wire for the arms, making sure that it stuck out on both sides to provide support for the 'bookmark lints' which the scrivenite uses as weapons. Finally I glued a lot of scrolls and books to the figurine, covering every surface until it looked like the finished product. The fun thing is that you can even add some 'Easter eggs' to the mix: if you look carefully at the different pictures, you might recognize a copy of 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Hobbit', 'Curse of the Crimson Throne' and 'Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition'. This will definitely add some fun when you use the creature on in your tabletop game.
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