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COM Hinata TG by Da-Fuze
Mature content
COM Hinata TG :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 416 7
#364 makoto nanaya by cutesexyrobutts
Mature content
#364 makoto nanaya :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 1,869 33
black cat by cutesexyrobutts
Mature content
black cat :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 3,002 91
Muffet the Jewel Thief by Da-Fuze
Mature content
Muffet the Jewel Thief :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 544 14
Hekapoo Twinning by Da-Fuze
Mature content
Hekapoo Twinning :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 555 17
Pumping Up to Fifi by Firingwall Pumping Up to Fifi :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 69 2 Pumping Up to Babs by Firingwall Pumping Up to Babs :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 88 0
Clown It Up: Shot of Silly Goodness
    Brenda sat on the exam table of her local hospital, nervously awaiting the arrival of the doctor.  The brown-haired, mousy girl had recently gone to the hospital for her yearly checkup and everything seemed fine at the time.  The doctor took some blood, weighed her, and checked her temperature, but that was really it.
    Then out of the blue the other day, she got a frantic call from the hospital to come in as soon as possible.  They didn’t explain themselves at all, freaking her the hell out.  When she arrived, they rushed her into one of the offices in the back and told her to wait for a nurse to come and visit.
    Crap crap crap!  She thought, biting harshly on her bottom lip, what is going on?!  Is there some of disease in me that’s going to kill me?!  Do I have some kind of rare infection?!  Crap!  What’s going to happen to me?!
    The doo
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 66 1
Enid Joins Elodie's Fanclub Twinning TF by Da-Fuze
Mature content
Enid Joins Elodie's Fanclub Twinning TF :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 301 14
Space Adventurer TGTF by Da-Fuze Space Adventurer TGTF :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 516 11 Majin Girl Val by Kobi-Tfs
Mature content
Majin Girl Val :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 330 128
Toon It Up: Beach Horse
    Angela Jean stepped out of the changing booth and onto the soft, warm sand.  Ahead of her lied the beach, the place she had been craving for so long.  The summer had finally begun, and she had time off from her busy life.
    She stretched her arms to the left and to the right, cracking her shoulders and working the knots out of her back.  She let out a sigh after doing so and headed towards the water with a sense of confidence and excitement.
    ...which all but faded when she looked out to the right for a split second.  There, she could see a bunch of handsome, well-built men around her age.  They were busy playing volleyball, their tanned, glistening abs and muscles on full display.
    A blush came to her cheeks as her attention stuck to them like duct tape.  It was too bad since she accidentally found herself tripping over her own feet.  A few steps forward and WHOMP!  H
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 50 4
Upgrading to a Big Mac by Firingwall
Mature content
Upgrading to a Big Mac :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 79 3
COM Jinx Flash by Da-Fuze
Mature content
COM Jinx Flash :iconda-fuze:Da-Fuze 474 11
Toon Puppers' Pillows by Firingwall
Mature content
Toon Puppers' Pillows :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 72 52
Pinning For and Gaining Monster Curves
    “Why the long face sir?” Asked the bartender, busy wiping down another cup.
    “Its because of *HIC* those damn bitches again,” slurred the werewolf, pounding his fist against the reinforced bar, “Theys don’t know what theys missin’ out on with mes!”
    “I can only imagine,” the bartender replied, a thick layer of snark underneath it going unnoticed by the drunk beast.
    It was a late night at a large, fancy hotel for monsters and beasts.  In the bar area, the bartender, a minotaur, was busy serving one of the latest customers that stumbled in.  This one was a large, thick werewolf who already seemed to be quite loaded.  However, the boss wouldn’t want to turn him away, so the large bartender said nothing as the canine sat down.
    “Dis compete-lee sucks *HIC*!  Deys should bes happy with me and knot sum stupid d
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 56 2


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