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It was time to test my brand new Illustrator CS4... and same time have a good excuse to draw some more babes pinup style! :)

I tried to combine conventions from the old WWII bomber noseart girls and modern pinup imagery.

Everything but the old paper background is vector work.

Cool pose reference by: :iconchi-yo:
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This wonderful work has been featurd in my journal which can be viewed here [link]

If you would prefer not to be featured, please let me know

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looks cool,
I'd like to play with vectors sometime...
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Everything is painfully slow yet wondefully sharp
and accurate with vectors.
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my lineart is painfully slow as it is, I doubt I'll go down that road...
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One must endure all the pain and slowness for the sake of art! ;)

I'm constantly thinking of ways, how to make my work (and life)
even more painful and slow. :D

Hey, they are playing for the ice hockey world championship
right now in Switzerland! Are you ready for the epic hockey
match between Finland and Canada? :D
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I endure much pain and slowness for the sake of the moment my arms and legs are covered in bruises :D

but I know what you mean, lately I've been trying to figure out a way to make my lighting/shading look more natural.

Ice Hockey huh? Not my favorite way to spend an evening...but then again neither is sitting in a pub while our city's entire team is there getting drunk.
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As Dr Phil would say, "Pain is good, it keeps us going!" :D

I'm not that interested about the hockey either... but I'm patriotic
enough to keep an eye on the results. Especially when we play
against our arch-nemesis; Sweden. Oh boy, we'd hate to lose
to them!
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I love arnica, it's a wonderfull herb that helps to speed up healing bruises.

XD, kinda like us loosing to the US?
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Yup, I could imagine it's the same. Sweden is the
slightly bigger and sometimes better big brother
to Finland that we love to hate. :D

This pretty much sums it up: [link]
They didn't fight in the WWII, we did. :D
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