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Hi. Wanted to tell you that the situation of my family got better finally. We need to do some stuff here and there, but now I can say that I can be Online again, for some time at least.

By the meanwhile I get stuff done in real life with them, I will throw you all the presents I had in store between this months.

I hope everyone has been Ok this time, with their lifes and DA accounts.
Good morning, Folks. You may ask why I didn't post or said anything for some time. Like some time ago I told you, I'm going through the "Downhill Saga" with my Family. Our situation is getting good, but we can't say "Hooray" yet. Internet is one of the things I can't afford right now, so the only reason I'm writing this is to warn you about that. I'm not dead, it's just that I'm dealing with my personal stuff, my family, etc. Once this is over, I will come back with surprises, because one thing is No Internet, but on the other hand, I still have my PC to work with.

I want to apologize with White0wlsuperheroine , Silverado117, ShaunsArtHouse, BlinkJisooXPS and OGLoc069 3 for not sending them what I promised to do. Before the Part 2 of Downhill Saga, I didn't know this would happen, so even if I have finished your requests/presents I have for you, probably I can't send it all to you yet. Cheetah is done, Bane/Super Bane is done, the scripts I talked with Owl are done, the Arkham Knight Props are done, etc. When Can I send it all? I don't know. If this stuff never comes to you, feel free to ask another person for it meanwhile. Once I return, I will send you all anyway.

Like I said before, yes, I'm working "Offline" with some stuff. 25% comics, 25% meshmods, 25% game ports, 25% scripts. The good thing about not dealing with internet right now because the Downhill Saga, it's that I can focus better on some stuff. I keep going with "Batman Strange Shades" and other comic projects. Of course, one thing is doing the scripts, and the other is actually doing the comics. Probably I will start with this Batgirl One-Shot, since it's the most short of all the ones I writed so far this month. I'm trying to play with Joker & Batgirl's "relationship". I have some interesting stuff to say about that, and besides, I think I found my personal touch for The Joker. Well, I guess I just spoiled one of the surprises anyway.

Just wanted to let you know my "state", in case some people didn't know what happened to me or something like that. I wish you good luck on your stuff, your works and personal life. I hope this is over soon."
So, here's what will happen in the next 22 days:

-"Batman: Strange Shades - #06" will come out. After that, the chances for the series to go on "Hiatus" are big. Why? It's a bad thing?

-I will keep working on future numbers of the series...Off-line. Writing scripts, creating the meshmods I need for it, working on more issues, etc. But it will happen Off-line. Why?

-In less than 22 days, my life will go in a "downhill saga", probably. My family and I are living bad stuff, and this shit will start it's climax in 22 days or less. So, the chances of me going out the internet for some weeks or some months are 50/50. This doesn't mean it's the end tho.

-As I am Off-line, I will keep working on the Fan-Comics, DBFZ Game Ports, and "Batman: The Enemy Within" Game Ports. Yeah, I managed to download the full season, from Episode 1 to Episode 5. In the next days you will see some models ported. But, here's the punchline:

-I won't take requests for Game Ports. Not for now, at least. I will port what I want to port, etc. Once this "Downhill Saga" is gone, I will take Requests again, and I will port stuff the people asks me.

-But what will happen to the Requested shit some people asked me to do? It will start when I come back. For now I just want to keep distracting myself, working on the comic and some more game ports from Batman and DBFZ.

So, that's all. It's not bad news, I'm just warning that I will be "Off" for some time, but at the same time, I will keep working on more stuff.
Q: Who are you?
A: Another one.

Q: What's this?
A: My DA Account.

Q: Where can I follow you?
For Updates, News and Random Stuff, Here:

Q: What can I find here?
A: Stuff. 3D Models from Games, 3D Meshmods, Objects, Comics, etc.

Q: Comics?
A: 3D Comics of 6 pages. Done for fun, and test Script Writting Shit.

Q: Why don't you draw them?
A: I don't know how to draw. I can learn, but that would take me a long time.

Q: What are your Comics about?
A: For now I just have one series going: "Batman Strange Shades".

Q: What's "Batman: Strange Shades"?
A: "Batman: Strange Shades" is a 3D Short Comic Series focused on expanding "Tim Burton's Batman" Universe. Joel Schumacher's Sequels are not canon with this Fan Made Expanded Universe.

Q: Are you working on more comics?
A: I have some ideas, but I want to keep with Batman for sometime. 

Q: 3D Models?
A: Only for XNAlara. No Garrys Mod, No SFM, No Blender, No 3DSMax. Just XNAlara/XPS11.

Q: 3D Meshmods?
A: Only for XNAlara. No Garrys Mod, No SFM, No Blender, No 3DSMax. Just XNAlara/XPS11.

Q: The meshmods will be available for everyone?
A: Yes and No. Some of them will, others not. 

Q: Why?
A: I guess I'm a twat. A Dumb twat, indeed. 

Q: Can I use your material for Porn or Fetish Stuff?
A: Sorta. If you keep it in private, you can, of course. If you do it in Public, I can't stop you either, so it doesn't really matter. If you can, try to keep it in private.
Never Again.
Merry Christmas.
My PC died. So I purchased another one, with the money of my birthday, and with some help of my family.
I will call this beast "Paris".

22049812 1884280114922255 5825575630407767799 N by MrUncleBingo

Ready for some Meshmods/Models, sons?
The Screen of my Notebook died meanwhile I was doing a Cult of Chucky Review for YT.
Now, the only way I can use the PC is vía HDMI on a TV, but I can't do that for too long, so I will have to purchase another one, better or the same as this one.

I will be retired since then. Goodspeed, Spider-Man.

No More Ported Models.
No More Meshmods (Casual Meshmods, I will Show some of them, BUT Release Them...)
No More Comissions (Because Nobody asked me for that, so...)

I'm so busy with my YT Channel and the FanComic Project Right now, And I don't want to waste time making Some Renders or Meshmods and then see everyone ignore them or shit like that.

But if it has Boobies, probably You would like it, because that's how XPS Community Works, sometimes.

I'm Dead, for now on. Kinda like Voldemort when he tried to kill Potter's Fathers, I'm Dead, but not Dead at all. I'm Undead.

That's All. Bye.
You know. I'm interested on making models of these game. I Know ParametricEQ was doing some, but he's not gonna make more :,v
Someone can help me on these and send me files of the game?

I would do it myself, but I don't have the game, it's to big, and my PC can't run it y.y
-Bruce Wayne
-Alfred Pennyworth
-Comissioner Gordon
-Harvey Bullock
-The Joker (Arkham Cloths)
-Red Hood
-Jack Napier
-Víctor Fries
-Nora Fries
-The Ventrilocuist
-The Wizard
-Dinah Lance (Urban)
-Dinah Lance (Underwear)
-Green Arrow
-Clark Kent

-Jack O'Lantern
-Norman Osborn
-Uncle Ben
-Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
-Matt Murdock
-Harry Osborn
-Gwen Stacy (Halloween Outfit - A.K.A: SpiderGwen)
-Flash Thompson
-Black Cat
-Professor Warren
-Wade Wilson
-Barbara Gordon = Done
-Killer Moth = Done
-Black Spider
-Selina Kyle (Also Requested Meshmod)
-The Gentleman (*"New" Character)
-Sarah Essen Gordon
-Robin I
-Dick Grayson
-Maxie Zeus
-The Batman (Suit I)
-The Batman (Suit II)
-Peter Parker
-Gwen Stacy
-Flash Thompson
-Helena Bertinelli?…

CapLagRobin , MrJustArkhamGames, DatKofGuy, You know what to do now.
Batman Arkham Knight PC + DLC PC is Available The 28th

Finally, after a long and boring time, we gonna have the PC Full (With some exceptions) Version, With DLC Included!!!
Now, Here´s the Deal: I Told you some days ago i can do some Models of the DLC. Obviesly i Can, but like i said that time, i going to need someone to send me the files i request. So, here is my Full DLC Model List of XNAlara Models i can do:

-Joker 1989 Car (From 1989 Race Track "Joker Parade")
-Penguin Duck Car 1992 (From 1989 Race Track "Cobblepot´s Causeway)
-Props from The 1989 Race Track´s
-Harley Quinn from "A Matter of Family" DLC
-The Joker from "A Matter Of Family" DLC
-Batgirl from "A Matter Of Family" DLC
-Joker Thugs from "A Matter Of Family" DLC
-"Iconic Gray & Black" Batman Skin 
-1990´s Catwoman Skin 
1989 Movie Batman Skin 
Original Arkham Batman Skin 
-Classic TV Series Catwoman Skin 
-Classic TV Series Robin Skin 
-1989 Movie Batmobile

CapLagRobin, MrJustArkhamGames, i hope you can send me some models when this comes out.

Toodles, Keep Calm and Be The XNAlara :v
Let´s See...

-Batman of Zur En Arrh - Done by XNASyndicate :Here
-Batman "Gotham Knight" - Done by XNASyndicate but also done by me
-Dollotrons - Done
-Firefly? (Maybe...) - Done by CapLagRobin 
-Demonic Civilians (A.K.A: Afected Civilians From The Beginning)
-Comissioner Gordon (Maybe...) - Done
-Aaron Cash
-Male GCPD
-Female GCPD
-Ace Chemical Workers
-Civilians - Done
-Francine Langstrom - Done
-Henry Adams - Done
-Thomas Wayne - Done
-Child Bruce Wayne - Done

Maybe, in the Future...

-Catwoman 1990 Skin
-Batman Jim Lee Skin
-Batman "Arkham Asylum" Skin
-Batmobile "Arkham Asylum"
-Mr.Freeze "Season Of Infamy"
-Batman 1989 Skin
-Joker 1989 Car
-Penguin Duck 1992 Car
-Harley Quinn "Batgirl DLC"

Also im interested in Prop Items, but for this i will need someone send me a pack with items from the Game.
I Will Upload this List Model in this Month and the Next.
1. Gaaracapo111 - Version II
2. Shiklah - HoodCape Version
3. Jack DeMorti - Normal
4. Jack DeMorti - 20 Years Ago
My Arkham Origins Wishlist to see in XNAlara Some Day...

1. Batman - 1st Appareance - Done
2. Batman - Nöel - Done
3. Batman - New 52 - Done
4. Batman - Knightfall - Done
5. Batman - Adam West 60´s
6. Batman - Long Halloween - Done
7. Batman - Nightmare - Done
8. Batman - Gotham by Gaslight - Done
9. Robin - Arkham Origins Multiplayer Default - Done
10. Robin - 2000 Tim Drake
11. Robin - 1990 Tim Drake
12. Black Mask - Done
13. DeathStroke - Done
14. Anarky - Done
15. Mad Hatter - Done
16. Electrocutioner - Done
17. Barbara Gordon - Done
18. Harvey Bullock
19. Joker Thugs
20. Black Mask Thugs - Done
21. Bane - 2n Transformation - Done
22. Bane - 3th Transformation - Done
23. Items Various
Hi There.

In This Days, Sticklove, Razkurdt (ArmachamCorp), TRDaz, thePWA and more, have been making models of Injustice Gods Among Us.
I managed to speak to most of them asking them if they will do most models. The will all.

Given these facts, I decided to make my short list of Models that I like, and I hope to be able to see on XNAlara.

1. The Joker "Final Confrontation" Costume - SUPER FUCKING FINALLY DONE :DDDD!!!!

2. Harley Quinn Classic Costume - FINALLY DONE :D!!!!

3. Bane "Knightfall" Costume - Done :D

4. The Joker "Red Hood" Costume - Done (Waiting for ArmachamCorp Version).

5. Batman New 52 Costume - DONE :D!!!!

6. The Joker "Holiday" Costume

7. Catwoman "Selina Kyle" Costume - Done :D

8. Scorpion Default - Done :D

9. Superman Red Son Costume - Done :D

And these would be the models that, frankly, I want xD.
Doomsday appoint, but its creator already has almost finished.

Greetings ;)