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Who is the hero that will save the day? by MrTuke Who is the hero that will save the day? by MrTuke
This picture was a possible concept for a cover or intro page for Lust of the Marid, a juxtaposition between hero and heroine, by which despite peer pressure from the characters that Karti on the left should lead, it's subtlety implied that Tahiya is running the show. The running theme at hand here is that despite his athletic prowess, his proficiency with weapons and bows and the fact that he's descended from warriors, Karti physically overshadowed by musclebound thugs later on. On top of that even as a Marid, Tahiya's powers far surpass his own, meaning with her doing still most of the heavy fighting, bringing honour to Karti's warrior bloodline might be a problematic affair. Still, he doesn't seem to mind having a woman on top.

For Kartis's tattoos I decided to implement them digitally. I might even fully design and paint an image separately that I will apply with every pic of him from now on to look like a believable tattoo that I won't have to keep drawing over and over.

Art and characters by me. Done in inks and photoshop. With this one, I decided to hand paint the background and then work on top of it digitally with textures and smoke. Sometimes it's tricky with Photoshop montages based on my travels to create something unique to a piece, and then when you go through the labour, it's often easier just to draw something from scratch!

This project is a work in progress. Storyline details and designs are subject to change.

My personal website is here for other works.
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December 19, 2017
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