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Tukework's Patreon is up!


Excitement's ahoy and here you have it. We now have a Patreon! To think, donkey years ago out of working-class honour, I would have poo-pooed the idea of crowdfunding, yet here I am starting off with a cocky bang for my account summary. Bold, arrogant and a sure sign of Dunning Krueger syndrome? Well, you bet it is, but a good man once said, better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I've seen far too many people give up the career ghost over the years, and I'm still burning with far too much ambition to follow en suite.

While my Patreon is not obligatory, spreading the word of this Service will be of great help. Incentives will indeed be provided for Patrons and I'll lend open ears to good suggestions as I continue to grow this channel. My Patreon will only include my creator-owned material of Genma and Dakini but consider this. The bigger my channel grows, the more time I can commit, the more I can provide freebees on the regular galleries of my whole network, and better still upon reaching targets, the more I can take it to the next level with what can be offered.

Currently there's a 3 tier system for the Patreon, with the 3rd one "Demigod" being the most prominent. What makes this tier vibrant besides intermediate Bikini hotties is that not only will the E-Books of Genma Visage available on this, Demigod will offer Insider WIPs, sketches and scripts of future comics to be available, in likelihood, complete with lettering. Effectively this Patreon is a subscription webcomic that can adapt on demand from feedback. Additionally the emblem for a higher tier "Jungle Witch" has already been conceived. The results on the other tiers will decide what Jungle Witch offer in the future, but I predict it'll likely be reserved for Erotic art of tasteful sauciness, Patreon Unique comic series, potential animations and more. I look forward to the adventure!

So curb your cutting cynicism, Mr-Backseat-Critic, and don't fluster like you haven't got dosh when you're stealthily walking off with a pricey PS5. I'm here to make you a deal that'll make your life easier. Sign up today!

Additional note: Originally I was going to upload the current batch for each tier in one fell swoop, but instead I'll be doing it gradually and frequently so that I can ring a frequent bell on Facebook. 

For more of my Crazy Shenanigans check out the following links. Keep your eyes open for updates, comment, and subscribe!:

Subscribe to Patreon for exclusive content, Behind the scenes progress, Early access to New Comics and increased incentive for the regular channels.

E-Books are available on the Official Website. 

Want to chase me up for some art? Commission details are here and on the website. Contactable by messaging here and by email at

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