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Relaxing Sorceresses by MrTuke Relaxing Sorceresses by MrTuke
There in the highest quarters in the fortress of mystery, Farida, Tahiya and Hekmet cast seductive eyes to whoever friend or foe who dares stumbles into their chambers, their smiling lips hinting the promise of an evening's mischief.
Art and characters by me. Done in inks and photoshop. Photo montage from my personal travels. (I'm actually not quite sure of the anatomy of this one as the inks was originally done last year on a holiday between my brother's wedding, Niagara falls and more, I don't think I was at peak performance when originally doing these pictures. I've given the inks a revision and feedback is welcome, but I may have to accept this as a trial error especially for a concept piece for now).

As you can see I've had a right experiment with details such as textiles on the cushions, the backgrounds and the folds of shades on the curtains and silk. As a food for thought, I may start experimenting with adding coloured tones onto the characters in the new year. The reason I haven't before is down to an artstyle choice based on certain cartoon influences and the fact that my art can often be rich in details and shadows regardless, and contrasting against a tonal background, the aim is to make the characters come off quite animate. However it's not always easy to render depth, particularly when drawing hot babes so I may start trying other ideas for future arts.

This project is a work in progress. Storyline details and designs are subject to change.

My personal website is here for other works.
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December 18, 2017
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