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Quake pinup

Same as before. It started off as a loose sketch from a couple of years ago before i decided to finish the sketchbook to have something a bit more presentable. This was also a good opportunity to further practice with dip pens and indian ink.

Haven't played Quake or shooters for donkey years either. It's funnily enough about the 10 year anniversary since i not only started really getting into 1st person shooters (at the time) but also my first stab at modding and creating new characters and levels. Fond happy memories, that i currently don't give a toss about. :P

Still, keep Quaking to whoever it concerns.

Quake by Id software partly after Lovecraft. Art by me. Done with pencil, dip pen and photoshop. Background textures from my collection of photos.

Will probably make some changes to the colours in due time.
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Nothing more badass then a soldier so grizzled and filled with spite, he'd go into the maddening realm of Shub-Niggurath to have his revenge. 
Also, liking the samurai feel of this.
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Yup, he's a miffed Ranger this chap is. The forces of Quake picked the wrong Base to lay siege to, with an Axe wielding nutjob on the horizon. :E

Since I first inked this years ago, It's been quite rare for me to do Fanart by my own accord these days, but the surprising popularity of this one has had me considering a followup with this guy chopping away more minions.

Cheers for the :+fav: :thumbsup:
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no problem, you invoke 80's poster/cover art and I can respect that.
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Many Cheers. :)
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That's impressive. I wish the game looked like that. Good imagination.
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Cheers, mate, though I do think Quake takes a stylised approach worthy for its own worth, whereas this was just for poops and giggles in comparison. (in fact I'm still not sure on why this one has had such an impact myself. :P )

Thanks :thumbsup: 
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Killing a shambler with only an axe should be a requirement to be president of any country.
Exellent work!
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And to be king of the world you have to take out Chthon with your left testicle. :P

Cheers mate. :thumbsup:
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How comes the creator of the coolest
Quake fanart made no similar great?
homestuckWizard's avatar
Shambler just wanted a hug. ;n;
Jazon19's avatar
Dude! True honour to Quake 1!!! Have you seen this? [link]
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I've gotta say I'm quite amazed this pic's turned out to be popular in my gallery. : o

And yup I've seen the new Quake series. I was reasonably chuffed seeing how Tritin gave up on the first Quake film. :)

Cheers mate. :thumbsup:
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Quake 1 pictures are pretty rare, and really well done ones even rarer, thatll explain it! XD
Most welcome man! series 2 looks to be amazing.
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brutally cool sir!;)
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I'm with Gaga, this is fantastic. Very 90's. I love the lineart in this.
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Cheers, ACE.
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Hell yes...Quake. Ugh good child hood memories xD If I could I would totally buy this to put on my wall.
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Dang copyright to Idsoftware.

Cheers mate. :)
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Wow that's fantastic. Great colour choices and the background is snazzy.
Only played this on the Saturn, on which it was rather fuzzy so hard to see what you were shooting at. Enjoyed the hell out of Quake III Arena on Dreamcast for some time though.
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Cheers, chief. Asides from being pretty good games i was digging, i remember Quake really getting me into computer art and animation, along with helping me get into my very first work experience within a graphic design studio doing stuff in photoshop.
All this coupled with Manga entertainment and early anime that i started digging at the time and i swear age 15 to 16 for me was practically a period of religious and artistic enlightenment. XP

Good times, but roll on a new golden age i say. :)
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