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Hey I found one! by MrTuke Hey I found one! by MrTuke
Within the labyrinth of the forbidden shrine, this time Tahiya looks like she has bagged herself a real Prince, and she sure seems happy about something.

Following up from my previous picture of this guy Prince Karti by MrTuke Prince Karti along with Tahiya is\ was what they call a Nartarajan, a race of monster people who came into being after the demise of human race 2 million years ago. It is not yet known why the Ghuls of human history have risen up to haunt the land of the living Nartarajan, but as a medic and archaeological scholar, Karti has made it his mission to find out why. Karti is also a warrior descended from a line of great conquerors, although much to their chagrin, Karti and his late father were of a generation who wanted to give peace a chance. Needless to say, when he discovers that he is one of the upcoming legendary Marid race and when gets to see a Marid like Tahiya in the flesh, Karti soon finds that reality is not quite the same as the myths he read up on in ancient texts.  

Art and characters by me. Done in inks and photoshop. With this one, I decided to hand paint the background and then work on top of it digitally with textures and smoke. Sometimes it's tricky with Photoshop montages based on my travels to create something unique to a piece, and then when you go through the labour, it's often easier just to draw something from scratch!

This project is a work in progress. Storyline details and designs are subject to change.

My personal website is here for other works.
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December 19, 2017
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