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Genma Visage Commission information by MrTuke Genma Visage Commission information by MrTuke
Updated: 23/05/2017

That's right! Tommy likes to have a scribble for money.

More or less what it says on the tin above but a further few ground rules to lay down first.

. As a general rule of thumb, relevant violence, some mild erotic, and swearing is cool but none of that fetish malarky, (no squashing, fatties, vore, sickies, loli and obvious porn). I reserve the right to refuse any job also.
. Payment is made to , but buzz me on first.
. Also discuss the time plan with me. I normally start it off as soon as payment arrives so its generally within a few days that I get it done. If there are multiple commissions and real life scenarios going on at the same time, I shall allocate you a time slot as and when necessary.
. Any requests for free artwork will be responded with a polite "sling your fragging hook!" :)
. Fully painted artwork in the same vein as my cover art or a Magic the Gathering illustration counts as an Extensive Long Term commission (like 3 digits worth).
. For online photoshop coloured commissions, i don't mind chucking in a summary background (a basic "photo" ) to give it a little visual oomph. If you want me to portray a character interacting with it, such as a troll emerging from a cave or a Hero bearing witness to castle of your spec and design, I treat that as an Extra chargeable character.

I will update the rules in the near future when the time comes.

Hope this helps and I look forward to your requests. :)

Genma Visage its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.
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