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Genma Visage Characters part 2 2017 by MrTuke Genma Visage Characters part 2 2017 by MrTuke
As promised, i got some more Character bios on the way, with another 12 to come. Apart from the last two that some may remember, these are characters that you hear less about and remain almost exclusively to the book editions of Genma Visage.

The (slightly more lengthy) bios of each character is in the works on the website but a brief synopsis of each is provided below.

Caetzar: A former member of Nishin Genma's council, Caetzar is an intensely racist assassin with a hatred towards those he deems weak and crippled, particularly the young Ryuken. After Caetzar's equally despicable son was slain by a Drago Visage that he provoked, in grief he pinpointed all anger onto Ryuken as his target of revenge. After Nishin Genma's downfall, Caetzar went into hiding but came out of the shadows when, burning with hatred, he mutated himself into a Youkai. Adopting the title Scythe Killer, he randomly and indiscrimately tests hist abilities on the random innocent that get in his way, longing for the day he can face off against his true target Ryuken. Caetzar's speciality is traps, and with his mutations his tricks has intensified more than ever.

Grail: A primary antagonist second only to Jacobi in villainy, Grail is an ancient demon from hellish realms on a quest to conquer Earth with his undead legions. Though he was slain and defeated by the less contemptible of the Ancestors to Nishin Genma millennia ago and much of his army decimated, in the spirit world Grail's plans for chaos has only grown stronger over time. With Nishin Genma out of the way, his plans to restore his undead legions maybe upon the world when he finds an ideal host to be reborn in, although he has yet to face off against a survivor of the Genma Visage ritual...

DJ and Grinny: Demonic Youkai enforcers to the Arch Undead Devil Grail, these two cronies regularly scout ahead looking for suitable hosts for their god to resurrect in. Additionally from Devvyart to the derivative factions of the Cult of Lamia, DJ and Grail have infiltrated many cults with ears to the ground for any information and boon that may benefit their master. Though they may flex their roles, they are a regular menace to planet Earth so long as Grail has plans to claim the world of the Living.

Soraya: A mutant Youkai and a victim of psychic experimentation, Soraya was an uncaring catgirl tramp that mingled with the wrong people, the kind who make monsters. She now stalks the streets in a violently murderous rampage, seemingly attracted to creatures who have been enriched with psychic energy. While the true nature of her origins and who created her remains a mystery, whoever made Soraya what she is is now seemingly benefiting from the chaos that she ensures.

Kouryu Shin: Friend and gentle rival to Ryuken, Kouryu was once a sworn enemy of the hero during a period the Earth's history called the Britonum war. Realising that they were in truth "on the same side", Kouryu and Ryuken joined forces to flee the burning isle of Britonum in the last days of the war, ensuring the safety of the refugees. When not engaging in vigilante activities or tagging along to Ryuken's investigations, Kouryu helps his brother Genjuro Katoyika who runs a small restaurant chain in London. Kouryu practices the Kawinjura fighting style that utilises magic with the crushing blows of his staff mastery.

Tanya Alberzo: Tanya was once highly sort after for her unique genetic makeup as a vessel for Lord Grail to resurrect into, as she is a descendant of the powerful warriors that once slew Grail. However, Tanya is a human born with a genetic heritage of the Drago Visage plague which transforms her into a Therianthropic monster, and this has certainly placed a strain on the demon overlord's plans. Ryuken, with his own knowledge and expertise on the subject, has since halted Tanya's transformation. Using his medicine recovered from Nishin Genma's hidden archives, he placed Tanya's genetics into a dormant state, allowing Tanya to live a free life, unless someone wishes to awaken the Therianthropic monster within her again.

Mars twins; Phobos and Deimos, and the Wardog: At the peak of the Martian \ Shuromij conflict, a cease fire was finally established some 30 years ago with and peace negotiations has been taking place since. Whilst noteworthy progress has been made up until today, there still remains many separatist factions among the Martian people, and most driven and vicious of all has always been the twins, Phobos and Deimos. They regularly menace the Shurokiu population, often striking out their colonies that live in orbit around Venus. Stirring up friction between the planets, the twins flex their muscles often with their Youkai warrior, the Wardog, which has earned a reputation for slaying warriors of Nishin Genma.

Johnny Lacerator: Supreme leader of a Youkai group Monstro corpz, Johnny Lacerator seeks the legendary Babylonian war machines that draw power from the screams of children. He hired the most loathsome of paedophiles to exercise extreme cruelty onto those kids to get those screams, using dimensional travel to cleanly get the molestors in and out of the scene of the crime. Ryuken and Zulie are on the hunt for these vile monsters, for Ryuken fears that there maybe more than one monster taking the name and form of Johnny Lacerator.

Shiki Logan: The heroine of Tytronitek city, Shiki was once an orphaned baby who fell from the stars into the outskirts of the Siberian city of Tytronitek, seemingly ironic as it was an asteroid that destroyed the city over a hundred years ago. Raised by a Scandinavian wrestler and a Tibetan Geisha, although human it was soon apparent to her adoptive parents that Shiki had inherited unnatural super strength from unknown sources. With a strong moral compass she used her powers only for good, often coming into clashes with multiple villains throughout her life including several brushes with Mantaklaw.
In her late teens during her time at school, Shiki was tested to the extreme by several super powered assassins sent by Dr Chimera to gather intel on her prowess. Eventually she was confronted by Chimera himself who gained the upper hand, before she was saved and whisked away by a Shuromij agent called Chiatzu. From him, Shiki learned that as a baby she was a test subject for one of Nishin Genma's super-soldier formulas. There was a noteworthy death toll in the rather mixed success rate of this formula, and Nishin Genma attempted to dispose of all subjects as a cover up. Shiki's real parents, before they perished, sent her and her friend to Earth. It was believed the two were blasted into the oblivion of outer space, and so Nishin Genma never followed her up.
Still, with new knowledge and weapons, Shiki Logan recovered from her injuries and led a coup against Dr Chimera who had taken over Tytronitek city. Overthrowing the tyrant from his throne, she earned great respect from the people of her city, as well as interest from the Russian government. In the later years, Shiki Logan worked as an agent for the Russian motherland, targeting special monsters that would threaten her homeland, and making many new friends along the way. Sadly and most tragically, Shiki and her friends met their demise in England. In a vial act of treachery, Shiki was betrayed by Chiatzu to Killer Chav and she was slaughtered by the chief enforcer of the Britonum warriors, Hunter Chav. Her death has sparked the fury of several would be heroes in this drama.

Dr Chimera: Originally the CEO of Zynda, a Shuromij-based corporation specialising in robotics, Chimera was a man with an unhealthy obsession with creating the ultimate life form. With ties to Nishin Genma, the Doctor deviated from those affiliations by experimenting with cybernetics and mutations with multiple species, effectively earning his name for himself and his subjects of Chimera. The doctor himself is many years old, having originally underwent cybernetic implants himself that combined his Shurokiu Drago Visage form with the preserved brain of his normal self.
Reclused in the shadows away from the public eye, Dr Chimera cherry picked many subjects to experiment on throughout Shuromij and planet Earth over the years with results from positive to horrific. In time, his ambitions grew more sinister, maniacal and bold. When he gathered the final ingredient in his plan to create a cyber-mutant army, he staged a takeover of the Earth city of Tytronitek, while ransoming a royal Shuromij bloodline with an orphaned heir that he kidnapped in Tytronitek. His hasty plans were halted when against the odds he was defeated by Shiki Logan and her band of rebels. Dr Chimera was presumed dead when his ship self-destructed in the rebel escape, but without a trace to be found, nothing can be confirmed...and did the mad doctor have an even bigger plan at works behind the scene the whole time?...

Art and Characters by me. Done in Pencils, Inks and Photoshop.

General creator notes:
. Czaetzar started life as a shelved character that i originally had in mind for a series that i did as a kid. He was originally going to a punk monster in the employ of a waifu character who funnily enough was a bit like Relicia. The current rendition of course has very little to do with the original, but at least i did away with that bum-numb he earned from sitting on that shelf.
. The Mars twins first appeared in the UKweb and mini comix anthology 2009 as part of themed comic submissions based on the red planet. They have since been established as part of the series canon. It's mentioned in Book 0 Part 2 that they once did deals with the recurring character Mantaklaw.

. Kouryu Shin and Soraya are basically injoke themed creations derivative from a series of short stories called Kouryu Sukuinushi, aka Psyomaster Ryuken aka Proto Genma Visage. Soraya was going to be a potential girlfriend for the then character called Ryu. Making her a Lisa Trevor monster is effectively me sticking two fingers at some aspects of former influences. The part of the title Kouryu, went into the name of the latter character, who is a collective summary of a family mentioned in the story, part of his influence is based on a samurai image i saw as a kid, and also that of Hamato Yoshi from the original TMNT cartoon. Adjusted into Genma Visage, the story these characters debut in "kiss from a rose" is effectively a conclusion to the Kouryu Sukuinushi aspects, the title in reference to a digital painting that i toiled over years ago.

. Grail was originally designed as a concept for a Kouryu Sukuinushi movie and originally was going to be a nigh-omnipotent Shao Khan or Ken-Oh Raoh lookalike. When Genma Visage rolled into fashion and everything streamlined into action horror rather than just martial arts fantasy, Grail then took a more insect-like design to make him appear more inhuman, and sadly for him his powers were downgraded. DJ, Grinny and Tanya were then created afterwards, and a pilot cartoon was created for Uni. Much of Genma Visage has remained focused on Jacobi and the Book 0 scenario, but Grail and the others have still remained an important piece of the series canon.  
. Johnny Lacerator is a parody and tribute to Pixar, based on the idea of what would happen if Monsters Inc teams up with Gary Glitter or insert-famous-paedo-here to scare kids.

. Shiki Logan and Dr Chimera are based on a fan remake comic i started as a teen based on a certain anime. Only one chapter was ever done then other matters and real life somewhat stopped it dead in its tracks. It was for the best in hindsight as not only do i think i captured little of the original spirit of the anime in question, i felt i had developed enough ideas to run on its own two legs. It still didn't get a full reboot as a comic although an animated short i did involved some of the characters, Shiki included. I eventually decided to integrate the characters into Genma Visage, which sadly involved killing most of them off. Funny that.

Genma Visage and its related works are Copyright © to Thomas Tuke. All rights reserved.

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TrueMefista Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
As always, I applaud your imagination and skill ^^
MrTuke Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Cheers again, Mefista. :D
TrueMefista Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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