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WMP 11 Skin for iTunes 7

Windows Media Player 11 skin for MultiPlugin by Toner
Release v2.1

Install Info:
You need iTunes 7.x.x.x and the newest version of MultiPlugin (2.4) installed! [link]

To use the skin, extract the WMP11 skin folder in your iTunes\skins folder, then start up iTunes.
Simply go to > Preferences > Multi- Plugin > and select WMP11


- fixed small bugs in the bottom buttons
- fixed the buttom right thing between the scrollbars




2006/10/02 by Toner

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TheVistas2004's avatar
looks like wmp11 beta 1 skin X3
pakistanshooter's avatar
that look just like vista beta 1 wmp skin. Great work !
xPivotX's avatar
need one for iTunes 9.
Luce8600's avatar
NOOOOOOOOO i really want this fitt skin for my itunes...
but it says error ='[ help .... xx
i have a problem with itunes and mplugin. i have itunes and i have tried different versions of mplugin that people have said worked. but each time i try to start itunes it gives me this error message "the procedure entry point RedEnumValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library MPlugin.dll." and even if i uninstall mplugin the only way i can get itunes back and running is uninstalling itunes and reinstalling it.

any ideas?
Yoshisbiggestfan's avatar
I have the exact same problem now! D=

But whats weird is when I look in the iTunes Plug-ins folder, there is nothing in there. But the message still shows! And now I can't access iTunes at all.. :cry:
pocketkocurek's avatar
window borders are yours or thats different skin?
hairbautt's avatar
This is amazing, thanks for the effort and making it available.
bleedthefreak35's avatar
thank u so much for this dude
ZoharBlur's avatar
Thanks for making :)
kradio's avatar
magicmanad's avatar
This is more of a WMP 10 skin than a WMP 11 skin. The color scheme of WMP 11 is black.
MrToNeR's avatar
This skin was submited half and a year ago and it is based on a early beta of wmp11 which was blue colored - thats why it is like that! ;-)
magicmanad's avatar
Trunkx's avatar
Looks Very Nice

Thanks a lot
LOX311's avatar
thx for the update ;)
drudragon's avatar
Thanks for updating the skin :)
i-am-foolish's avatar
I'm d/ling this right now and using it,I have a hard time finding skins for MPlugin, let alone good ones like this
sakurakira's avatar
many thanks, looks good with Luna Element. :D
ThE-UnKO-LeMa's avatar
nice job ought to have released this at aquasoft...or at least mentioned it...

I sort of missed it..;)
MrToNeR's avatar
Haven't seen?
ThE-UnKO-LeMa's avatar
Umm...yes I know this is NOT an AQUA skin...but still...with aerosoft down, you could have given a small indication... ;)
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