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No to ripping artwork stamp

A stamp to represent that you feel that ripping artwork is wrong.

If you support this stamps cause then feel free to use it in your journal entries, just copy the thumb code for this stamp and paste it into your journal entries
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© 2006 - 2021 MrTom100
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Thanks great stamp.
MateaLoncar's avatar
You have been featured in this Stamp Collection! [link]


P.S. Fave the article so more people see it! :)
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...what's ripping artwork?
TitanWarrior17's avatar
when someone takes artwork of another and claims it as their own...

its like plagiarism for art...
kitelina's avatar
oh! i thought it was something i guess it's a fancy term for plaigiarism?
TitanWarrior17's avatar
also especially when you alter it so it can be unrecognizable, and... yeah in a way it is a fancy term. but i necessarily wouldnt call it "fancy"
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Hey dear

I added this here

This account is just being built up and I supposed to be a collection of everything on dA related to causes, including stamps, newsarticle, projects etc.
If you are interested in getting informed about this, you can feel free to watch the account ;).

I added this to the stamp collection, if you have any more stamps that could be added there, please note me. Or know of any other stamps.

If you don't want your stamp to be added there also let me know
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i'll def. use it!
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lolol you know what kind of makes me laugh about this? Most stamps have a for and against stamp. Like 'don't fave w/o commenting' or 'a fav is a compliment so I won't whine if you don't comment'

Makes me think there's a 'yes to ripping art' out there
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Ripping art is the ninth deadly sin.

Spoilers are the eighth.
DalaiHarma's avatar
Great stamp! :D
I've put it in my journal to help spread the word ;)
Fraxa's avatar
Thanks for the stamp - using it in my collection.
theclarabellafaire's avatar
this is in my journal <3
Irken-Jeans's avatar
Sweet stamp. I shall use it! :D
CatgirlMe's avatar
Can I use this stamp in my journal?
No to ripping artwork!! :w00t:
Kristal-Lee's avatar
Read the discription. ;)
deleket's avatar
agree. thanks for making this.
Beck-Carter's avatar
I will DEFINATELY use this stamp~! :nod:
SorrowfulMelevolence's avatar
will definetly be using it
JArdley's avatar
:)Thanks for this stamp, using it in my journal.
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