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Howdy folks!

i just wanted to share that my newest doujinshi is up on DLSite.



All DLSite doujinshi are censored for Asia.

All LuLu doujinshi are UN-censored. Americas, Europe, and other areas that accept uncensored material.

i am just following the rules.
Greetings fight fans,

i am going to try and post more details of my work projects. I have been waiting on several artists for a few years. It is a ssslllooowww process, but at the end it will be worth the wait.

i normally post my dojinshi on these two site: DLSite and LuLu.

if any of y'all find my stuff at any other site. Please contact me at gymmaster (((a))) mrtaffy (((dot))) com

I added a new page on my site ( I would like to display some artist's work. It might be better to have live action ladies. I know many artists are skiddish or uncomfortable viewing his or her work without permission.

Domo mina.
Greetings fans,

i just built a simple site for my work. 

I should have some more comics up and running back the new year.

i will keep y'all posted.

Hi fans,

i have a new comic and store for my comics.


Store located at

let me know if you would like me to work with any artist, such as :icontom-fembox: :icontransfuse: etc.
Greetings fight fans!!!

so... it has been a decade since i have been writing about foxy boxing. Then later hiring lots of talented artists to make my fighters into a reality. There were setbacks, but with those bumps i fortified my current artist base into something i am very proud of making.

i will keep you all posted on other cool developments. It might happen after the new year.

i gots lots of planning to do...

This has been on my mind since I start navigating around the internets.  I am a huge fan of erotic boxing, fighting, wresting, and one to one sports.  There is one thing I have to draw the line.  That is violence against women and extreme blood and gore.

I don't mind an occasional bloody nose or black eye in the images.  As long as it is done in a tasteful way.  I do see a lot of Hentai where the female is brutally beaten and having some organs removed.  This kind of makes me sick and avoid looking at anymore of that artist's work.  I understand there are some people who get their kicks by seeing that... not me... it's a major turn off.

That being said, when you see any work made by artists who I PAY to do commission and distribute via digital distribution sites.  There will no violence or rape against a female.

I love the female figure.  Why would I mess with perfection???
Greetings and Happy New Year!

i have some really cool projects coming up. I will annouce more after the spring.
I just wanted to talk about how sometimes little stuff could cause unintended problems in the future. I try and keep all of my fans updated when i have something really cool to show.

There will be times when i do a collaboration with artists, something really bad does happen. It could be a Sick loved one, forces of nature, technical hiccups, and anything else. When it happens, it is always good to keep your clients in the loop.

Sometimes the project has a budget could be as low as $$ or as high as $$$$ or $$$$$. There is time to factor in as well. If an artist doesnt get back to you a week or month, thats ok. Unfortunally if there is silence for more than 2-3 yrs. It might be time ask for a refund. It pays to have a paper trail in case this does happen. And it will happen...

I have written about situations in the past, but it is good inform new people on DA.  It is also good to inform artists who dont speak English or understand American, Eurpean, African, or Asian culture (slang, casual writing vs. professional writing, social cues).

I am sure many DA vet artists have similar posts. Bottom line: be professional, keep your budget low, have something in writing, have a deadline, and keep your client updated within a normal time schedule.

i hope this helps.

Thank you again for all my fans who wrote comments and donated lama badges.

They are much appreciated.

Xie Xie
Kam Sa Ham Ni Da
Arigatou Gozaimasu

thank you come again...
Happy new year!!!!

i just got word that offbeatr took my project off line... So the figure project is over... In offbeatr anyway. I will relaunch the indiegogo campaign later this month.

please write in the comment section what you would like to see in the figure. This can be the price of the project, swag, design of the project. Anything goes!!! This figure project is just for you... The fans.

please translate this to your fellow fans who dont understand english.

many thanks
xie xie
kam sa ham ni da
Greetings Fans,

My offbeatr project is now OPEN for donations. Mr. Taffy Boxing Project:…

The campaign will run until January 24, 2016.

Many thanks for those who helped out.
Many thanks to all my fans for getting the offbeatr page the green light for funding. The intial bid of $300 will be given to the folks at gensen to start production of the figures. 

More details will be in motion when the $300 total has been surpased. 

Thank you!!!!


Domo arigato gozaimasu!!!

xie xie ni!!!

kam sa ham ni da!!!



Here is the link:…
I have noticed on DA and other artist sharing sites that a lot of young people (less than 21yrs) have been trying to show art that doesn't belong to them. A lot of the art i have seen many, many, many times from the artist's web site.  Much of the art has been stolen and not given a proper credit, such as created by: XYZ.

Much of the art work in question mostly belong to artists who don't speak English, such as a lot of the Japanese hentai artists. Art theft is a huge concern for all artists. The Japanese artist in particular, some of them are very shy and don't like to get into a confrontation. While there are some, such as Rebis, who really want to work with other artists to spread his or her craft.  I unfortunately was the victim of an art theft. I contacted the site, the domain user, and eventually contacted the state's Attorney General's office. It was a real pain and i lost time that i could use to do some comics.

bottom line is this... Please give credit where credit is due. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run...
I have tired to get my feet wet with this patreon stuff. Like all stuff, its 50/50. Again i didnt get the results i wanted.

such is life... It sucks, but what can you do.

time to try again... And again...
Thank you so very much for the Llamas.

does any of y'all know what the main purpose of the llamas? 

I've been on DA for over a decade and this still makes me scratch the old grey matter...
Evil grin... 
More to come...