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Bey by MrSynnerster Bey by MrSynnerster
Just felt like drawing a picture of Mrs. Shawn Carter
First, I am not familiar with the type of software use to make 3D works, so my opinions may not be entirely well informed.

This is a striking and interesting image, but there are some problems that may or may not have been intended. For example, where her neck should be is apparently background. Is this intended, in order to give the head a disembodied feel or simply an artifact of the image construction? I can't tell.

The background I really like, and the color scheme is very good.

The face and expression are dramatic, particularly the eyes. The body is acceptable, but perhaps not as sharply rendered as the face.

The hands seem a bit distorted and not lifelike. In fact they seem almost doll-like compared to the face. And the bracelets seem to be floating in air (but perhaps that is intentional). I like the fingernails.

Some of the lighting effects aren't right. The glimmer on her left hand and on her right cheek seem as if they should be coming in sharply from the left side of the picture (her right). This light would be blocked by her hair and right hand.

That brings us to the hair, which seems to be the weak point of 3D art these days. Although the artist did an admirable job, and the hair is a focal point of the image, contrasting with both the face and the background, the effect isn't entirely satisfactory. For one, it appears that the top of her head is very large. The shaping of her bangs is very good, but the dark tips do seem to be brushstrokes rather than hair. At the part I think there is too much symmetry for comfort.
What do you think?
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August 21, 2013
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