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It's the second tag I got, and akitku asked for Lupe. And for my own vanity I'll add one more character :)

1. Despite being filthy rich and descending from an aristocratic family, Lupe dresses quite plainly and for comfort everyday.
2. Because Lupe's father is overprotective, he bought a gladiator, Rasmus, to be a bodyguard for his precious daughter.
3. Lupe crushes a bit on her guardian, but mostly makes fun of him for being of poor descent, and teases him that he's stupid. A bit like a boy in kindergarden who teases the girl he likes. 
4. She is very educated and is interested in history, botany, literature and different cultures. She speaks fluently in Greek and struggles to learn Aramaic. 
5. Lupe spends a lot of time outdoors with Rasmus trailing behind her. They make a funny picture, Lupe being small and very young and a big, muscled and scarred man following her.
6. Lupe is a very good rider, she has her own horse which she loves and takes care to visit him everyday and groom him. When horse riding she also tries to escape from Rasmus's watchful eyes, and at first she succeeded, since he couldn't ride on a horse at all, but being talented as he is, he mastered it quite quickly. (Lupe wasn't sure whether to be happy or not)
7. She has a pet magpie called Kiisa
8. Lupe loves shoes. She has much more shoes than she needs. 

1. Kazem has been born cursed by evil spirits, that can't be excorsized, and when he was 8 years old, he was exiled from his village. He now is guardkeeper in front of the gate leading to the village, but is not allowed to come in.
2. Kazem likes woodwork. When he was exiled he had to provide himself with some kind of shelter, and started with a hut made of branches, but the older he got, the better he got at building things, and now he lives in a homely wooden cottage. He decorated it with carved reliefs on the mantlepiece, doorstep and windowframes. Anything he could actually since he gets bored quite often. He also makes his own furniture, and it really is intricate and beautiful.
3. Kazem is distrustful of other people, doesn't talk a lot and when he does, he's rough and grumpy. He's very bad at social interactions since he's been living most of his life alienated.
4. Kazem has a rugged and rather unkept appearance. If he's a loner living in a forest why should he care how he looks. He has shaggy hair and wears clothes (that he made himself) until they fall apart.
5. He never considered leaving his cottage and freeing himself of the oppression by the villagers, until a Simorgh monk, Shula, came and invited (abducted) him to travel with her.
6. Kazem is well-muscled and strong in a wiry way. He's quite tall, 187cm.
7. Kazem is not a picky eater, he likes his meals simple, based on what he cooked himself in a forest (basically grilled meat and rice if he managed to buy it, or picked fruit/vegetables). When he started travelling around the world with Shula he started eating more varied food and cuisines from different places. At first it was very hard for him to adjust (he had some gastronomic problems....) but soon he turned into a food lover and often spends most of his money on food. (Later he makes packed lunches for everyone in the group for the road)
8. After getting used to Shula and her companions, Kazem becomes the mother hen of the group. He mends clothes, blades weapons, treats injuries etc. He keeps learning how to cook and after some time he comes to be in charge of the feeding. He secretely enjoys this position and resposibility. 


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Hi. Thanks for visiting!!

I'm scraping through my last year of high school and trying to draw as much as I can at the same time. Which as many of you fellow students know is a major challenge!
I make it sound as if I'm a diligent student, however my studying mainly consists of reading manga, fantasy books (history books, when feeling ambitious) and drawing.

follow me on tumblr for unfinished sketches:
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I also have an account on 8tracks, where I create playlists which I usually listen to when drawing or studying. Check it out! :)



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